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Dexter “My Bad” 

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“My Bad” begins the aftermath of the worst casualty yet on Dexter. Dexter’s actions finally caught up to him in one of the worst ways possible and now he’s battling the guilt of being responsible for Rita’s death. Knowing he had countless opportunities to kill Trinity and have avoided this mess, he spent pretty much the entire Season 5 premiere in emotionless shock.

Quinn and Masuka have a theory that Dexter’s to blame for the murder. Part of it stems from his unemotional 911 call that sounded more like a lab report. Plus, Masuka told Quinn about the fight Rita and Dexter had on Thanksgiving. Lt. Laguerta shoots down their suspicions just as she tried to do back when Doakes was suspected of being the Bay Harbor Butcher in Season 2.

Deb is definitely suspicious of how Dexter is handling Rita’s death and her funeral arrangements. I wonder if this is going to be the start of Quinn and Deb both suspecting Dexter being to blame for Rita’s death. The big kicker was the line Dexter said at the crime scene when the first responders arrived on site: “It was me.” Deb reminds her brother that he’s a good and decent person. I feel she’s trying to convince herself Dexter had nothing to do with the tragedy.

Quinn and Deb finally get it on at Dexter’s house after cleaning up Rita’s blood in the bathroom. Not exactly the most romantic of settings or circumstances, but it was pretty steamy considering Deb needed a shoulder to cry on and Quinn was there to give her some comfort in more ways than one. They shared an awkward kiss, one Deb initiated, and as quickly as they undressed it was over. Major plus of this occurrence: we get to see some Quinn booty afterwards in a blatant attempt just to show it because that’s what all the female fans have wanted to see since he joined the force! And of course Deb wouldn’t be Deb without acting like nothing happened right after.

Even though Dexter wasn’t planning on attending his late wife’s funeral, he still managed to pick out her burial attire. It was the dress Rita wore the first time they ever met. Through flashbacks, we find out that even the beginning of the relationship was tainted with Dexter’s murderous inclinations. He skipped out early on their first date to kill a man dining at the same restaurant. This entire scene was reminiscent of how his inner demons were to blame for Rita’s death; and it makes you wonder if Dexter has any memories that aren’t overshadowed by one of his kills.

Dexter torched his storage container to cover up any evidence he left behind from his kills and in my opinion that was a stupid move because if the FBI finds out he had the container they’re probably going to figure out it wasn’t a coincidence that it burned to a crisp. Pretty sloppy for Dexter.

This episode is the first time we see Dexter violently hack someone to death with so much angst and emotion and as Harry put it, “that’s the most human thing I’ve seen you do since she died, Dexter.” This moment was truly powerful as we see Dexter let his demons loose and let us all see a glimpse of the animal within. After Harry convinces Dexter not to runaway because his children need him, he leaves the scene. We don’t know if Dexter ever cleaned up after himself; it wasn’t shown. Should we assume that he did?

At the funeral Lt. Laguerta expresses how she didn’t fight for the case from the FBI because Rita’s death scared her. As far as she thinks, the murder happened while Dexter witnessed her and Batista getting married. She doesn’t want to be reminded of it and wants nothing to do with this investigation.

The episode wrapped up nicely with Dex finally showing up to the funeral and giving a seemingly touching eulogy. This was quite a feat given the fact he was a zombie for 99% of the episode. Once he was done he came to the realization that he had loved Rita….he was emotionless no more.

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