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Bored to Death “Escape From the Dungeon!” 

Photo Credit: HBO

After Jonathan’s second novel is rejected, he needs to find a job (well, another job) to help him pay back the advance. He turns to teaching a night class on writing. Here are his “rules” of writing:

  1. It’s difficult
  2. There will always be more rejection than acceptance
  3. Try to get pleasure with every sentence.

He’s sure if he didn’t need the money he wouldn’t have taken the teaching gig. He fears he has no skills for the world and may be forced to move back in with his parents. His girlfriend Stella is really the best thing in his life right now.

Leah asks Ray to attend a yoga class with her so they can do something together but after she sees the way we acts there (um, hilarious!), she feels like she needs some time apart from him. She’s just not happy. Ray doesn’t take it well.

A Christian (Christian Right?) company has taken over George’s publication. He’s not really sure how he feels about it yet but one thing that’s awkward so far is the cost cutting. He says he has to be able to take his friends – whoops, his “sources” – out to lunch. He didn’t even know the building had a commissary in it. I don’t think we’ll ever see him there.

Funniest moment: Jonathan showing up in a gimp costume (after escaping from the dungeon – EUNUCH) during the board’s prayer and George having to leave the meeting to deal with it.

Another funny moment: Jonathan asking if there is a prix fixe or tasting menu at the dungeon.

Random question: Where do the mounted police keep their horses in the city? I want to meet Doris.

It was so nice to see Kristen Johnston back on television. What has she been up to lately?  


My mother’s name is Florence.

Curious about the real Jonathan Ames?

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