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Summer Finale Watch: The Rachel Zoe Project “Fashion Addiction” 

Photo Credit: Bravo

After gorging on six episodes in a row of The Rachel Zoe Project, I’ve now overdosed on fashion. Well, not overdosed exactly but I definitely got my fill of over-dramatic, stressed out stylists. Oh, and I saw some amazing fashion. I don’t know why or how I got so behind with my summer television viewing. But it was pretty fun catching up.

Am I the only one who doesn’t think Rachel wants a kid? She says she does but her actions prove otherwise. I mean, she wouldn’t even take a blood test. She was already at the doctor’s office and the doctor said that was “the first step” and she wouldn’t take the test. I don’t think Roger handled that situation like he should have, but neither did Rachel.

Rachel isn’t going to change. She gets so excited about working with new clients or on new projects that she can’t say no. And people are surprised? She’s probably been like this all her life. Why do people think she’s going to change just because she’s getting older? If anything, she seems to be getting busier. I am impressed she changed her plans to spend some time in London with Kate Hudson right before Milan. I was surprised she was so spontaneous but apparently Kate Hudson will do that to you.

Is Brad turning in to the new Taylor? He wondered this but I don’t think he could ever have her bad attitude or treat people as poorly as she used to. Is he tired? Yes. Does he need to take some time off from work yes? Does he want to spend time with his boyfriend and dog and not let his job become all-consuming? Yes. I think if he tries to keep a work/life balance he can succeed. I think it’s very healthy for him to acknowledge that he doesn’t want to become like Rachel. I wouldn’t want to be like Rachel. I’m surprised she doesn’t have an ulcer by now.

When will Rodger realize he needs to accept Rachel just as she is? They’ve been together for 17 years. I think he wants to believe that she’s slow down, that she wants a baby, and that she won’t constantly talk about fashion. But if it hasn’t happened yet he’s deluding himself. I like Rodger but I just don’t see him ever being the priority in Rachel’s life. It sucks, but I think it’s true.

I’ll be back next year for more drama, more snark, and more fashion. How about you?

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