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Cougar Town “All Mixed Up” 

Photo Credit: ABC

I’m always a little nervous when shows tout guest stars much, much more loudly then their regulars. I like the regulars; that’s why I tune in every week. I know Jennifer Aniston is a star but I just wasn’t convinced she’d fit into this show. But that was until I saw the episode. Her role was awesome and I loved seeing her play against type. 

So we all know Jules is a bit of an overprotective parent. And that was a bit of an understatement. She’s kinda freaking out about Travis going off to college, even if he’ll still be pretty close. While she drinks wine to cope and deals with her Grayson issues (he wants to spend some time apart), Travis and Laurie have a contest to see who can stay up the latest. Although the contest is lame, I like that Travis is trying to prove he isn’t a total dork. What 18 year-old guy participates in an Emilio Estevez marathon? I mean, it’s funny. But still.

In order to deal with her issues in a healthy way, Jules decides to start seeing a shrink. Enter guest star Jennifer Aniston as Glenn. Although Jules thinks nothing but good things about her, it’s immediately apparent that Glenn is a nut. She’s getting her patients mixed up, calling people by the wrong names, etc. Why am I not surprised Jules peeked in Glenn’s calendar to see where she’d be? And Glenn is so keen to get away before Jules can spot her that she backs into a car. Ellie, who Jules has dragged along, doesn’t think she was going to leave a note but Jules finds out later Glenn did. And just what did the note say? Suck it.

What were the guys up to this week? Their usual nonsense. Apparently someone has been defacing the bench ads Jules appears in and Andy is determined to solve this mystery. He does a very convincing David Caruso, by the way. He recruits Bobby and a very reluctant Grayson. When the guys fall asleep the ad is defaced again. What makes it funny is that Andy was sleeping on the bench while is happened. Grayson is able to get to the bottom of things when he sees a black marker in Bobby’s shirt pocket and black ink on his hands. It turns out Bobby isn’t ok with Jules and Grayson. He’s happy to see Jules happy but he’s sad for himself. Grayson and Bobby reestablish their friendship after Grayson assures him Bobby can talk to him about anything, including Jules.

Laurie finally admits she’ll miss Travis after she admits to cheating on their bet. Ellie admits feeling like Glenn took her spot. She likes hearing about Jules’ problems and likes trying to keep Jules from doing dumb stuff. Grayson admits he likes spending time with Jules. Everybody – except Bobby – is happy.

Some funny bits:

Did Travis just say Lionel Richie style? Wow.

Movie mash-ups. I. Loved. It. What a fun game.

Jules has named the Asian baby she and Grayson will adopt someday. Arthur. That poor child.

Gabriel is not Glenn’s son. He’s her dog.

Ellie telling Jules to act cool when Grayson shows up. Even Jules knows that’s not possible.


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