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Running Wilde “Pilot” 

Photo Credit: Fox

I feel like anything Mitch Hurwitz does after the brilliant and woefully underrated Arrested Development will be a disappointment. At least, to me. And that’s not saying I was disappointed in Running Wilde. I think I just had unrealistic expectations. I’ve reset and I’m ready to go forward.

There were some funny moments but I think the show needs a bit more development to be the kind of show I’m used to seeing from Mitch Hurwitz. It has enormous potential though and I’ll keep watching.

The pros:

Will Arnett. I’m not afraid to say this man is a comic genius. As Gob on Arrested Development he was the perfect comic foil for Jason Bateman’s Michael Bluth. As Devon Banks on 30 Rock, it was always fun watching him try to undermine Jack and seduce Kenneth. As Steven Wilde, he’s the best thing about the series.

Keri Russell. Although I think she needs to work (a little) on her comic timing, this is an interesting character for her to play. It’s so different from Felicity Porter, which I like.

Stefania Owen. With a name like Puddle, can you really go wrong? She’s the juvenile voice of reason here, and perhaps the only voice of reason this show will have. Steven and Emmy each inhabit their own worlds and I think Puddle will help bring them together.

David Cross. I’m not sure he’s physically capable of being un-funny. It looks like he’s only in two episode this season but I hope they can recruit him for more. I’d love to see Will Arnett and David Cross spend some serious screen time together.

Peter Serafinowicz. His Fa’ad Shaoulian makes me laugh. Especially when I see him on that tiny pony.

The cons:

I hate starting sentences with, “In these economic times…” but it’s an issue. I’m just not sure people find this kind of humor funny right now. I only laughed a few times and that’s something I don’t usually experience during a Will Arnett show.

Nevertheless, I will be watching every week. I’m willing to give the show the benefit of the doubt and stick around through its growing pains.


Want to hear more about the show? Keri Russell talks about Running Wilde here.

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