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Parenthood “I Hear You, I See You” 

Photo Credit: NBC

I’m not sure why I didn’t love the season two premiere of Parenthood. Maybe whatever didn’t work for me when I saw the pilot of this mid-season show back in March didn’t work for me in the premiere. I mean, I almost gave up on the show before it even started earlier this year. I’m not that displeased with the episode but, for me, I think it was missing some heart.

The Highlights:

Camille and Zeek are working on their marriage. They’ve been going to counseling and every time Zeek (spurred by a look from Camille) is running roughshod over whatever Camille is trying to say he pauses, saying “I hear you, I see you.” It’s a little freaky – especially when he starts saying it to other members of the family.

Jasmine might have an opportunity to tour Europe with her dance troupe. Crosby just doesn’t feel like Jasmine is putting as much effort into their relationship as he is. He’s constantly flying out to New York to see her and Jabbar. When she has to cancel her trip to see Crosby, he’s beyond disappointed. Does this spell the end for these two lovebirds? And if so, what does that mean for Crosby’s relationship with Jabbar?

Kristina is trying to teach Haddie how to drive. Actually, it’s more like she’s teaching Haddie how to be scared of everything on the road. By their fourth lesson they’re still not out of the parking lot. In crisis, Haddie visits Adam at work begging that he take over as her teacher. Later we discover that Kristina is just afraid of her little girl growing up and getting hurt. Or worse, of Haddie having to deal with things if she and Adam ever die.

Max seems to be making real progress with Gaby. He’s not really acting out and seems to be interacting quite well with others. But that’s only until his plans are unexpectedly changed. He doesn’t take that so well. But Haddie swoops in and saves the day when she volunteers to take Jabbar’s place at Max’s sleepover. She’s a pretty cool sister.

Sarah asks Peter for a job after he steals her shoe lojack idea. “Steals” is too strong a word but Sarah definitely feels like Adam doesn’t value her ideas. And even though Adam has helped her out a million times before, this time Sarah wants more than a thank you; she wants a job. When Adam comes through with an internship Sarah feels like this might be the start of something good.

Julia is ready to have another baby. When the precocious Sydney asks if she came out of a vagina, Julia and Joel try to stall the sex talk. They don’t hold out for long and soon Sydney knows a whole lot about sexual reproduction. All this talk makes Julia realize she’s ready for another baby. Joel is a bit surprised to even be having this conversation.


What was that look/moment between Gaby and Crosby? I feel like  they’re trying to set something up here and I’m not sure I like it.

Did you see the previews? If not, I’ll say this: Keep it in your pants Sarah!

What is with Zeek thinking he can fix everything? Maybe it’s generational but all of his kids are enablers. It was nice to see Joel stand up to him.

What is up with Gordon? Did he actually call something “brill?” Don’t get me wrong, I like Billy Baldwin a lot. In fact, I enjoyed him immensely in his last two TV outings: Gossip Girl and Dirty Sexy Money. I’m not sure what to make of him here yet.

Have you ever had Skype sex? Just wondering if you had as much trouble as Crosby and Jasmine. That was pretty funny.

Although it wasn’t the best episode ever, I’m still very invested this in this show. I do want to see Sarah do well and I hope Zeek and Camille can make their marriage work. Crosby is making great strides at becoming a good father and Adam is always the glue that holds everything together. Until next week…(well, until I get a chance to watch the next episode). What did you think?

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