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VICE Preview: Can “Engineering Earth” Slow Down or Stop Global Warming?

If you’re even remotely engaged in the global warming/climate change “debate,” you know we’re already in trouble. CO2 emissions are warming our planet and causing extreme weather events. Scientists agree that this is a man-made problem. So, is there anything to be done or is it already too late? In […]

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VICE Preview: Who Will Win “Trump’s Trade War?” No one.

We’re not economists, but we do know that protectionism doesn’t benefit us in the long or short term and it certainly doesn’t make America great again. When economists come together en masse to tell the Trump Administration that their version of “free trade” will harm our economy and American jobs, […]

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VICE Preview: North Korea’s “Show of Force” and the Diaspora’s “Return to Somalia”

Ep. 75 Preview With the war of words currently raging between Trump and Kim Jong-un, it looks like North Korea’s show of force during the Day of the Sun celebrations back in April is leading to a military confrontation. Is North Korea capable of launching an ICBM that can threaten […]

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VICE Season 5 Preview: “Assad’s Syria” and “Cost of Climate Change”

VICE does some very important investigative journalism on topics that should concern us all. I became a fan of the show a while ago, when I realized VICE was committed to reporting stories that — for whatever reason — weren’t getting much play in traditional Western media.

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VICE Season 4 Finale Preview: “The New $pace Race” and “Closing Gitmo”

While it’s hard to say we enjoyed the 18 episodes of VICE we got this season, we will say we learned a lot — as we have every year we’ve watched this show. And if we had our way we’d get to watch even episodes of the show next season. […]

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VICE Preview: “Die Trying”

Earlier this season, VICE did a piece called “Right to Die.” In it, we met an ALS patient who was rapidly declining and had moved to a state where she’d legally be able to end her life when she felt the time was right. It was an extremely emotional and […]

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VIDEO of the Day: VICE founder Shane Smith talks “State of Surveillance” with Edward Snowden

Security experts have been warning us for years that our government is spying on us. But to what extent? And do we really have to worry about the NSA, the CIA or another agency recording our phone conversations or hacking into our computers? VICE founder Shane Smith investigates and what […]

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VICE Correspondent Kaj Larsen Talks “Collateral Damage” from War in Southeast Asia [Exclusive]

  There are countless victims of war. VICE correspondent Ben Anderson travels to Pakistan to investigate that country’s war on polio. The health workers in the poorest areas are routinely attacked or killed because some people view the vaccinators and the vaccine with distrust. They believe their enemies are trying to get […]

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VICE Preview: “The Deal” and “City of Lost Children”

This week’s VICE takes a look at nuclear disarmament in Iran and the tough, often bleak lives of platform kids in Kolkata, India. While there’s much to be hopeful about in terms of American/Iranian relations — if the rhetoric in both countries can be toned down, things are very bleak […]

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VICE Preview: “Trump in Dubai” and “China in Africa”

What is a migrant worker to do if the promises made when they were recruited to work outside their county aren’t being met once they get there? On top of that, the workers have to pay a steep fee for their visas and travel only to have their passports confiscated […]