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Creator James LaRosa on Hit the Floor’s Jump from VH1 to BET for Season 4

Hit the Floor’s lengthy timeout is almost over. 


We Need to Know: Will VH1’s Hit the Floor Return for Season 4?

After watching the Hit the Floor: ‘Til Death Do Us Part special, I have one question. Will the VH1 series return for a fourth season? UPDATE:  Great news, everyone! Hit the Floor will be returning for a fourth season. The show is on the move, however. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the VH1 […]


Plot Twist: Who Shot [SPOILER], Hit the Floor “Possession”

WARNING: Major HTF spoilers Season 3 of VH1’s Hit the Floor ended with a bang. Did you expect anything less?

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Hit the Floor Creator James LaRosa Talks Raquel, German and a Finale Where All Hell Breaks Loose

It’s finally time for VH1 to roll out another epic finale of its juicy soapy drama, Hit the Floor. Raquel’s gone. German’s in jail and the preview gave us a quick sneak peek of what’s about to go down in the final episode of the third season.


Hit the Floor Season 3 Finale Preview Part 1

WARNING: Hit the Floor spoilers for “Loss” and some “Possession” season finale speculation  Before I preview the Hit the Floor season finale, it’s imperative we talk about the latest episode, “Loss.” The title says it all.


Relationship Recap: The Couples of VH1’s Hit the Floor

We’re six episodes into Hit the Floor‘s third season. As expected, there’s been a lot of drama, especially in “Carrying.” So let’s check in with some of the show’s biggest couples:

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Hit the Floor: The Cast Gets You Ready for Season 3

VH1’s Hit the Floor returns tonight. And so do the fierce rivalries, badass dance routines and characters making multiple power plays. But there’s one thing that makes Season 3 even more intriguing than ever before: A murderer roams around Devil Nation unchecked and is back together with his ex.

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Hit the Floor Creator James LaRosa Previews Season 3

It’s been a long hiatus but VH1’s Hit the Floor is finally back — the third season hits air tomorrow night. Viewers already know that German killed Olivia Vincent. Now it’s time to find out how the next phase of this murder mystery plays out.

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21 TV Shows We Can’t Wait to Watch in 2016

WARNING: Mild spoilers We’ve been making our list and checking it twice (or, you know, much more than twice). It took a village but our team created a guide to 21 of the new and returning shows we’re really excited about in early 2016. Good TV is the reason to […]

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10 Reasons I’m Thankful for Hindsight

Ever wondered what would’ve happened if you’d taken that job, called that guy from the bar or splurged on a trip to Europe rather than stashing that money under your mattress for a rainy day? Yeah, me too. Unfortunately, until time travel is perfected, we’ll never know. But that’s what […]