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Two Takes: Outlander “Of Lost Things”

Last week both Claire and Jamie tried to survive in prison — Claire’s is of her own making while Jamie is an actual prisoner. In the series (unlike the book), Claire and Frank have come to an understanding: as long as he’s discreet, he can do what he likes. The […]


Two Takes: The Mindy Project “A Romantical Decouplement”

It’s official. D-Day is here. It came far sooner (and easier) than we expected.


Two Takes: Outlander “Surrender”

Last week’s Outlander was a tale of life and death. The defeated Scots were summarily executed after the Battle of Culloden. Jamie, however, escaped execution because he once spared the life of John Grey, the brother of the Brit whose job it was to kill Jamie and his fellow soldiers. […]


Two Takes: Suits “Donna”

As much as we want to start with the end of the latest Suits, we’re going to refrain for a minute and set this Two Takes up properly. Then we’ll get to that bit of cliffhanger goodness.


Two Takes: Outlander “The Battle Joined”

This latest Outlander hiatus almost killed us. We’ve been yearning to find out if and when Claire will make it back to Jamie and what her life will be like with Frank and the baby in Boston. For someone who didn’t read the book before we started watching episodes (Kara), […]


Two Takes: Suits “100”

We’re not the only ones that can’t believe Suits celebrated its 100th episode, right? This is huge considering cable TV shows mostly have shorter seasons.


Two Takes: The Catch Series Finale “The Mockingbird”

Worst. Ending. Ever. Okay, well, maybe the storyline wasn’t the worst…I actually kind of loved that….but the fact that The Catch has officially come to an end has us at TV Goodness DEVASTATED. With an airplane wave, the show’s series finale left us hanging in more ways than one and […]


Two Takes: The Catch “The Cleaner”

In the penultimate episode of the second season of ABC’s The Catch, everything starts pointing towards a mysterious person known as Mockingbird.

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Two Takes: The Catch “The Knock-Off”

Who can you trust? If this episode of The Catch was any indication, the answer is just about nobody. Betrayal was running rampant as Felicity (Shivani Ghai) arose from the dead to seduce-con Margot, Gretchen (Maria Thayer, Gotham, The Mindy Project) played gold-hearted Alice 2.0 before swindling Ethan, Tessa jumped […]


Two Takes: The Catch “The Birthday Party”

This week’s episode of The Catch picks up right where last week’s left off…with Ethan at Alice’s door. Ben makes himself known, which results in a very awkward conversation. Awkward for all parties involved. Except for the audience. We were highly entertained.