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INTERVIEW: Jenn Lyon On Claws Season 2, her Costars and that Cliffhanger

WARNING: Claws Spoilers One of the surprise hits of the summer is TNT’s Claws. This feels like the perfect time for a show that features five badass females. Just consider the current blockbuster performance of Wonder Woman and a slew of TV shows where women are the center of the […]


INTERVIEW: Evan Daigle Talks TNT’s Claws

The world of TNT’s Claws is filled with murder, money laundering and manicures. And it’s so bats–t crazy there’s even an episode specifically titled “Bats–t.”


Casual’s Austin Basis Talks Supernatural, Life Unexpected and Beauty and the Beast

When TV Goodness recently hopped on the phone with Casual guest star Austin Basis, there was a lot to talk about.


Q&A: Austin Basis Talks Hulu’s Casual and New Web Series

WARNING: Mild Casual Spoilers In the third season of Hulu’s Casual, the relationship between siblings Valerie (Michaela Watkins) and Alex (Tommy Dewey) is codependent on a normal day. Just imagine the neuroses that erupted when it was revealed they were actually half-siblings instead of full brother and sister.


Jasmin Savoy Brown Talks The Leftovers Series Finale, TNT’s Will

HBO’s The Leftovers ended its brilliant three-season run last week, with an achingly tender, but ambiguous ending to the story of what happens when two percent of the world’s population disappears without explanation. TV Goodness recently got the chance to talk to Jasmin Savoy Brown, who starred as Evie Murphy […]


Booze Traveler Jack Maxwell Explores America’s Best Bars

As host of Booze Traveler on Travel Channel, Jack Maxwell has the enviable job of exploring the world’s must-visit drinking establishments..

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The Middle’s Charlie McDermott on Directing “The Confirmation”

WARNING: Slight spoilers for The Middle Tonight’s edition of ABC’s The Middle deals with some scandalous Heck family history, a super secret relationship, and a fun reunion. Another reason “The Confirmation” can be considered a very special episode is that it signals the directing debut of one of the show’s […]

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Michael Nardelli Talks Hallmark Channel’s Christmas in Homestead

WARNING: mild spoilers Tis the season to watch Hallmark Channel. Every year Hallmark unloads a sleigh-full of family-friendly movies that serves to boost spirits and get everyone properly prepared for Santa’s arrival.

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Lethal Weapon’s Dante Brown Talks “There Goes the Neighborhood”

It looks like FOX’s Lethal Weapon might be one of those rarities: a successful movie franchise that makes a successful transition to the small screen. The series stars Damon Wayans as Roger Murtaugh and Clayne Crawford as Martin Riggs. The two do a great job of capturing the essence of […]

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Monica Lacy Talks Amazon’s The Kicks

WARNING: Mild Spoilers for The Kicks If Monica Lacy seems familiar to you, she should. Times three. Back in 1989, the actress starred in a couple of Disney movies with her identical triplet sisters, Leanna and Joy. Parent Trap III and Parent Trap IV: Hawaiian Honeymoon were part of The […]