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Berlin Station’s Leland Orser Talks the S2 Finale, What to Expect in S3 and More [Exclusive]

In the Season 3 premiere, we return to a station that’s “business as usual.” Michelle Forbes’ Valerie Edwards is Chief of Station and over the course of 11 days, she will guide her team through the high-stakes relationship between Russia, the United States and its vulnerable NATO allies. Is the […]


Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel Investigates Yogi Bikram Choudhury, an Enduring Protest from the 1968 Olympics and Xenophobia in Small Town Maine [Preview]

Even if you’re not necessarily familiar with Yogi Bikram Choudhury, I think almost everyone has heard of hot yoga. In fact, it became so trendy that Choudhury got rich off it. Instructors looking to be officially certified felt blessed if they were lucky enough to be invited to a retreat […]