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What to Expect from Season 6 of the CW’s The Flash

The sixth season of the CW’s The Flash feels like a new phase for the superhero series. Nora is gone. Barry and Iris will have to come to terms with no longer having their adult daughter around. Cisco will have to (again) solely rely on his massive intellectual skills after […]

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MacKenzie Porter Talks Darrow & Darrow and Travelers [Exclusive]

Darrow & Darrow is back Sunday night with its second film, In the Key of Murder. Starring alongside franchise regulars Kimberly Williams-Paisley, Tom Cavanagh, and Wendie Malick are few fun guest stars, including Signed, Sealed Delivered‘s Geoff Gustafson, Flashpoint‘s David Paetkau and Travelers‘ cast members MacKenzie Porter and Leah Cairns. […]


Fans React to Supergirl, The Flash and Arrow Finales on TV Time Social App

WARNING: Major spoilers for Supergirl, The Flash and Arrow finales The social video clipping and sharing app formerly known as Whip Clip has relaunched and changed its name to TV Time. It’s now positioning itself as a place where fans can go to share their passion for TV shows using […]

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Kellie Martin Talks Hailey Dean, The Guest Book, and More [Exclusive]

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.] Kellie Martin has graced our televisions for most of her life, creating strong characters that include Becca Thatcher on early 90s treasure Life Goes On, the titular Christy, and Lucy Knight on ER. She also launched one of the first Hallmark Movies & Mysteries (then Hallmark […]


Relationship Recap: Pitch, The Mindy Project, The Flash

The fall season started two seconds ago, but I’m already having fun watching various TV relationships develop, progress or crumble. Okay, the crumble part may be more heartbreaking than fun to experience, but that’s all part of the game when you’re emotionally invested. There are a few “will they or won’t they” options […]


Comic-Con 2016: The Flash Cast Talks Flashpoint and Season 3

Embed from Getty Images WARNING: THE FLASH SPOILERS Talk about a game-changer. With the release of The Flash‘s brand new trailer, it’s clear that nothing will be the same when Season 3 kicks off on October 4th. Barry no longer has his powers. Cisco is the richest man in America. […]

The Flash "The Race of His Life" Season 2 finale

Superheroes on TV: Ego

We’ve taken some dark turns in the DC realm as both The Flash and Arrow end their second and fourth seasons, respectively. Superheroes on TV takes a look at why ego is fragile and unpredictable, and we’ll also look at where this leaves us for the next seasons. If you […]

DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Superheroes on TV: Well Laid Plans

Plans. Heroes and villains alike have plans; and more often than not, nothing ever goes according to them. But can heroics be boiled down to a matter of who’s the better planner? The entirety of the first season of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is wrapped up in stopping Vandal Savage. […]


Superheroes on TV: Time

There are few, if any, constants in the realm of superheroes. Costumes change, backstories are reconstructed, rebirths and new teams linger at the onset of each new decade, yet perhaps the most fickle of all is time itself. We’re winding down seasons, inching ever closer to inevitable cliffhangers, which makes […]


Emotional Connection Restored, The Flash “The Runaway Dinosaur”

Barry Allen will forever be the heart of the DCTV universe as far as I’m concerned. His presence on Arrow always helps bring levity and humor (and hugs) to Oliver Queen’s dark and dramatic life. Barry and Oliver have a way of relating to each other that is special.