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Summer 2016 TCAs: What’s the Deal with John’s Eczema on HBO’s The Night Of?

Summer 2016 TCAs: What’s the Deal with John’s Eczema on HBO’s The Night Of?

Anyone that’s been watching HBO’s The Night Of has noticed that lawyer John Stone has a very specific quirk, an affliction even, that follows him in many of his scenes. The itchy, unsightly, and incredibly mundane condition called eczema. I call it mundane for a reason.

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2016 Summer Olympics: NBC’s Bob Costas, Mary Carillo and Jim Bell Preview the Games

I get ridiculously excited about the Olympics every time they roll around. I’m not athletic at all, but there’s something so thrilling about watching these elite athletes perform. And it’s so much fun to get to know their stories. I also love to watch the pieces the correspondents do to help […]

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Summer 2016 TCAs: The Creator and Cast Talk Rectify’s Final Season

Embed from Getty Images I’ve been a huge Rectify fan since it debuted back in 2013. While it never really took off the ratings, the show has had a rabidly devoted fan base. While I came to the show wondering if Daniel Holden was guilty of the crime he’d spent […]

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Sera Gamble Shares Thoughts on The Magicians Characters

WARNING: The Magicians spoilers Great news out of the Syfy camp. After only three episodes, The Magicians has already conjured up a second season. The formula for this show’s success involves strong characters, well-written drama, lots of buzz and solid numbers. The show seems to be drawing in younger audiences […]

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Sera Gamble Talks Syfy’s The Magicians

WARNING: The Magicians Spoilers On Syfy’s The Magicians, viewers are introduced to Quentin Coldwater, a guy who’s unhappy with his existence. He’s lost and a bit of a mess psychologically. He’s soon guided into a world where he’s able to tap into his inner magician and, as a result, he […]


Chicago Med Preview: “Bound”

Last night, I couldn’t figure out what to watch. I ended up getting the sudden urge to binge NBC’s Chicago Med. I’m all caught up and ready to spread the good word when it comes to this series. Some truths: