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Tamsen McDonough Talks Killjoys Season 5

Friday’s Killjoys was a standout episode for Lucy and Tamsen McDonough, who voices her and returned once again onscreen. I sat down with McDonough last August during the press day set visit. At the time, we didn’t know yet that Lucy would sacrifice herself, so we didn’t get into that, […]

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Tamsen McDonough Talks Bringing Lucy to Life on Killjoys [Exclusive]

Killjoys has flipped the script on so many sci-fi staples in its short two seasons (bring on a third!) and one of the most lovely, warm surprises is Dutch’s ship, Lucy, voiced by Tamsen McDonough. She’s smart, funny, sassy, serious, and non-corporeal, sans one brief flicker as a fembot in […]

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Aaron Ashmore Talks Killjoys “Heart-Shaped Box” and Season 2 [Exclusive]

[West coast warning: Includes spoilers for “Heart-Shaped Box.”] Well, Johnny is certainly in a pickle as tonight’s episode closes, captured by Jelco at Spring Hill while trying to be all covert about investigating the wall for Pawter. Elsewhere in the episode, D’avin and Dutch had to sort out their respective […]

Killjoys Preview: “The Sugar Point Run”

Killjoys Preview: “The Sugar Point Run”

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.] Our favorite new summer sci-fi treat rolls on with an episode that puts the trio in the field for a kidnapping rescue and prisoner exchange of sorts. It’s a mite gorier than the pilot, but still a fun episode as the gang learns to work with […]