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Krypton Has an Eye On Season 3 With “Alpha and Omega” Finale

There has been a lot to appreciate this season. There’s been a lot of exciting action. We’ve met new characters and there have been some truly mind-blowing developments. All that being said, it’s been frustrating as well. Too many villains and too many crises. And the relationships have had a […]


Castle Rock Season Finale “Romans” is Cagey in its Ambiguity

Hm, I guess no one realistically expected a happy ending, did we? Did we? Sigh. I kinda did. But I should’ve known better. Castle Rock doesn’t breed the carefree hero. Every joy is paid for. Every action tinged with doubt. And it’s been an amazing, tragic, mesmerizing ride. I’ve truly […]


Finale Puts Krypton on a Highway to “The Phantom Zone”

Thank Rao that Syfy announced Krypton’s renewal before this episode aired. With all the crazy cancellations flying around, it would’ve been too nerve-wracking not knowing if there was going to be a continuation to this story. There were a lot of big characters M.I.A. in this finale such as Jayna […]

Moment of Goodness / Recaps

Moment of Goodness: Dean Becomes [SPOILER], Supernatural “Let the Good Times Roll”

The CW’s Supernatural ended its 13th season with Dean, once again, making a major transition. This time it wasn’t a dead Dean becoming Demon Dean like he did to close out season nine.


It’s All About the Follow-Through In Lucifer Finale “A Devil of My Word”

Although last week’s cancellation news cast a bitter pall over the finale, it was nevertheless a powerful and exciting conclusion to the season with great potential if they are able to find a network saviour via the #SaveLucifer campaign. In the aftermath of Charlotte’s death and Amenadiel’s disappearance, everyone has […]

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Queen Sugar Preview: Dondre Whitfield on an “Eye-Opening” Season 2 Finale

WARNING: Spoilers for Queen Sugar Season 2 Finale The second season of OWN’s Queen Sugar is sadly coming to an end tonight.


Manhunt: Unabomber Season Finale Preview

The FBI needs Ted Kaczynski to plead guilty. They’re worried about getting their case to stick and they should be. What if the search warrant is found to be invalid? Forensic linguistics is a new and untested field in 1997, so there’s an argument to be made against it. If […]

Ruth Negga Preacher The End of the Road Season 2 finale

Preacher’s Full of New Beginnings in Season 2 Finale “The End of the Road”

Season 2 began with the promise of the grand road trip to find God that comic fans had been hoping for. There was shenanigans, explosions, stylized violence, and one liners to boot. The beginning of the second season was as perfectly “Preacher” as it could get. After some pretty poor […]


Game of Thrones “The Dragon and the Wolf”

Well, “Winds of Winter” that was not. In previous years, hearing that a Game of Thrones season finale would be pushing 90 minutes in length would have left me excited and full of anticipation. After all, lots of excellent episodes of this show are longer than average in duration. Why wouldn’t “The […]


Bull Deems Some “Benevolent Deception” Necessary In Season Finale

My, my, how far we’ve come. This premiere season of Bull has been a heady rush of new characters, insights, relationships, and environments. We, the viewers, have discovered a whole new perspective on the courtroom procedure, been enthralled by the intricacies of jury selection, and learned to throw around terms […]