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Krypton’s “Blood Moon” Tragedy Is No Trick of the Light

RAO. DAMN. IT. I am officially traumatized by this season. First, Dru-Zod’s insanity is fully fleshed out through Lyta’s exposition of what she experienced before the Black Mercy was administered. He not only beat her into physical submission, he then replaced her with a compliant clone and stuffed the parasitic […]


Everyone’s Got a Button to Push in Lucifer’s “Homewrecker”

Having come to the realization last week that Los Angeles is the only real home he’s ever known (and then immediately declaring it out loud), it’s almost mystical timing that this week’s episode sees Mr. Morningstar fighting to keep LUX from being torn down and turned into a megamall. We […]


Relationship Recap: Russ and Jess’ Faded Friendship on FX’s Married

The Russ/Jess friendship on FX’s Married has often been painful to watch. I can see why these two worked once upon a time. They probably had so much fun together when they were younger. So much fun that I’ve often wondered if these two ever did the friends with benefit […]


Married Preview: “Guardians”

Warning: Married Spoilers FX’s Married tackles some realistic relationship struggles in tonight’s episode. Russ and Lina deal with the future and fading friendships. Abby has to figure out how to navigate AJ’s special brand of issues and idiosyncrasies.