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Krypton Spares No “Mercy”

Nice one. I certainly don’t mind having my theories blown to bits when it’s done this well. We start the episode with what seems like a flashback to Lyta and Seg’s early courtship. Seg suggests that they run away from Kandor together and start a new life together in Kryptonopolis. […]

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Two Takes: The Catch “The Knock-Off”

Who can you trust? If this episode of The Catch was any indication, the answer is just about nobody. Betrayal was running rampant as Felicity (Shivani Ghai) arose from the dead to seduce-con Margot, Gretchen (Maria Thayer, Gotham, The Mindy Project) played gold-hearted Alice 2.0 before swindling Ethan, Tessa jumped […]


Con Man “Episodes 7 and 8”

WARNING: Major spoilers for Con Man episodes 7 and 8 I’m kind of kicking myself for only now getting with the program where Alan Tudyk’s Con Man is concerned.


Lucifer’s Mom Gets to the Point in “Trip to Stabby Town”

Otherworldly artifacts really make bad playthings for mortals. This fact has been well documented in literature, film and television from The Monkey’s Paw to the Ark of the Covenant in the first Indiana Jones movie to pretty much every episode of Warehouse 13. So, a few weeks ago, when Lucifer killed his brother, […]


American Crime “Season 2, Episode 8”

Now what? Up until last week we thought we were watching a show about sexual assault and how class, race and gender play into that. But everything changed the moment Taylor got his hands on a gun. We’ve talked to a few people who thought Taylor was going to commit […]


The Last Ship “Safe Zone”

This week’s episode of The Last Ship is by far my favorite so far this season. “Safe Zone” isn’t about explosions or gun fights. It’s about Chandler and his crew convincing the President to be on their side instead of Sean Ramsey’s. In fact, this episode focuses more on emotion […]