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Krypton’s Heroes Falter While “In Zod We Trust”

Obviously, different people deal with grief in different ways. In the aftermath of Lyta’s execution, Jayna, Dev, and Seg wander the Kandor alleys in shock. Eventually, Seg screams his agony and then siphons his energy into opposing Dru-Zod’s plans and trying to make Lyta’s death “matter”. Jayna sinks into a […]


Two Takes: The Catch “The Hard Drive”

According to ABC’s The Catch, the past always comes back to haunt you. Alice brought this point to light last week and when it comes to this week’s episode — “The Hard Drive” — she hit the nail on the head.


It’s a “Monster” Reveal on Lucifer

There’s always a tipping point in a well-plotted season where each major character has started an inevitable cascade in motion and there’s a sense that something *huge* looms on the horizon. It’s the anticipation at the base of the roller-coaster, the innate fear of the unknown, the thrill of knowing […]