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Almost Nothing Goes as Planned with Krypton’s “Close Danger”

Best-laid plans always have the potential to go wrong. When Seg’s involved, they’re almost guaranteed to go wrong. Conversely, Dru-Zod has shown that he’s a master planner, taking control of nearly every potential variable in his systematic subjugation of the planet. Not content with two planners, Krypton also has Jayna-Zod […]


Lucifer is All About the “Lady Parts” This Week

Detective Decker is having a bad week. Husband Dan wants a divorce. The idea of single-parenting her daughter is freaking her out. She has to move out of her mother’s house into a ridiculously expensive Los Angeles real estate market on a cop’s salary. Her consultant is obsessed with his […]


Two Takes: UnREAL “Treason”

Paralysis is no joke. It’s not something to mess with. Ever. Unless, of course, you’re on a hit reality TV show and then, as they say, the show must go on. And go on it does.


Vicious Preview: “Stag Do”

Last week’s Vicious was heartbreaking for Ash and momentous for Freddie and Stuart. In front of the whole ballroom dance class, Ash popped the question to his girlfriend only to get denied and rejected. Leave it to Freddie to go against type and lift everybody’s spirits up. He seized the […]