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Krypton Has an Eye On Season 3 With “Alpha and Omega” Finale

There has been a lot to appreciate this season. There’s been a lot of exciting action. We’ve met new characters and there have been some truly mind-blowing developments. All that being said, it’s been frustrating as well. Too many villains and too many crises. And the relationships have had a […]


Pieces Fall Into Place in Lucifer Fall Finale “Quid Pro Ho”

Audiences were left hanging last week with Lucifer’s mom about to detonate a bomb she’d placed under Chloe’s car as Mama God had figured out that Lucifer’s feelings for Chloe were keeping him tied to humanity. Yeah, so that didn’t happen. Amenadiel arrives to stop her and is a little […]


Dark Matter Preview: “Take the Shot”

Warning: Dark Matter spoilers Lots of Dark Matter news to discuss. First and foremost, congratulations to the cast and crew. It’s official. The show will be back for a third season. I’m not surprised. I haven’t kept track of the ratings but who cares. Based on pure quality of the […]