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Krypton Season 2 Premiere is “Light Years From Home”

What a difference six months makes, eh? Well, not that much. Seg is still a dumb-ass and Adam is still pretty annoying. However, it has to be said that it’s gearing up to be an interesting season with plenty of possible plot-twists. First things first though. We start of in […]


Bull Looks for the Cognitively Agile in “Already Gone”

It’s nice to see that the show isn’t going to start shying away from controversial subjects in its second season. In “Already Gone” we witness high school student, Adam Harris (Sam Vartholomeos, Star Trek: Discovery), breaking his terminally ill girlfriend, Emily (Nell Verlaque) out of her hospital and then, after […]


Bull Loses His Polish in Season Premiere “School For Scandal”

The return of last year’s darling rookie show was met with some trepidation as new hands behind the scenes had been hard at work, re-framing much of what we’d come to know about our beloved T.A.C. team. Right off the bat, the tone of the show is decidedly different. Gone […]


Greenleaf Preview: “A House Divided”

WARNING: Spoilers for Greenleaf Season 2 If the season two premiere of OWN’s Greenleaf is any indication, Bishop and his family will need to cling to their faith to get them through what’s headed their way.

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Supergirl Season 2 Preview

The Supergirl saga continues when the second season premieres tonight. The series makes the leap from CBS to the CW, the same network as powerful players The Flash, Arrow and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.


Poldark “Season 2 Episode 1”

WARNING: Spoilers Ahead Masterpiece opens Season 2 of Poldark: “Episode One” with a brief recap. That being said, if you are a newcomer or just want to hear from the actors themselves about what to expect this time around, here’s a great clip. I’ve watched it several times. I never […]


Two Takes: UnREAL “War”

UnREAL‘s Quinn and Rachel start the second season at the top of their game. Quinn is the new Chet. Rachel is the new Quinn. The daring duo are even sporting new matching mantra tattoos.