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Castle Rock’s Once and Future “Henry Deaver”

Oh, the genius of a well-written parallel ‘verse! I am in awe of the elegance of this amazing reveal of The Kid’s identity. No way to emphasize this enough. It was just brilliant. Not only brilliant but mind-bending as well since it takes TIME and basically knots it fourteen ways […]


Facing Annihilation, Krypton Holds Out “Hope”

I think the most interesting aspect of Krypton so far is the interpersonal dynamics and the implications therein. Beyond that, there are some AWESOME reveals in this penultimate episode. Right now, we have family ties being strained as Nyssa faces off against her father and Lyta finds herself caught between […]


Hot Tempers and a Cool Welcome in Bull’s Winter Finale “Light My Fire”

It seems that whenever the TAC team steps out of New York, the audience gets an eyeful of Jason Bull’s past and personal life. And for someone who is so remarkably easy-going, our good doctor gets questionable receptions from those he’s had past encounters with. The last time they ventured […]


Aftermath Preview: “The Barbarous King”

Tonight’s Aftermath is more quiet than the last couple of episodes. But that’s only because the Copelands no longer have to contend with a destructive volcano. Or prehistoric birds…for the moment. However, don’t be fooled. There’s still a lot that happens in “The Barbarous King.” Not all of it bad. […]

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Stuart Bowman Talks Versailles

Here in the U.S., the first season of the historical drama, Versailles, winds down in grand fashion with the two-hour finale airing Saturday night on Ovation.