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It’s The Kid vs. “The Queen” of Castle Rock

WOW. I don’t even know where to start. This episode blew my mind. There’s genius embedded in every shot and phrase. Once again, the title plays with meaning. Remember, in chess, the queen moves in ALL DIRECTIONS. As the queen of the Castle Rock board, Ruth Deaver’s mind takes her […]


Krypton’s Heroes Assemble in “Transformation”

Stop me if you’ve heard this one: Three Zods, an El, and a Vex walk into a bar… But I’m getting ahead of myself. This is an episode about true colours. In the case of Daron, that would be coward’s yellow as he throws his own daughter under the Brainiac […]


Bull Sees the Bigger Picture in “Never Saw the Sign”

They say the Devil’s in the details but this week’s Bull escapade reveals that it often requires taking a step back to see where the real devilishness lies. The TAC team is brought in to help defend John Phillips (Chris Beetem, Inside Amy Schumer), a man accused of vehicular manslaughter […]


Aftermath Preview: “What the Thunder Said”

The action is getting crazier and more emotional for the Copeland family of Syfy’s Aftermath. During last week’s episode, the group said their final goodbyes to Karen’s sister, Sally. Karen’s mindset was a bit…unclear. She seemed mostly okay. A little too okay. Then Brianna’s “pioneer village” boyfriend turned skin walker offed […]