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Castle Rock Season Finale “Romans” is Cagey in its Ambiguity

Hm, I guess no one realistically expected a happy ending, did we? Did we? Sigh. I kinda did. But I should’ve known better. Castle Rock doesn’t breed the carefree hero. Every joy is paid for. Every action tinged with doubt. And it’s been an amazing, tragic, mesmerizing ride. I’ve truly […]


Finale Puts Krypton on a Highway to “The Phantom Zone”

Thank Rao that Syfy announced Krypton’s renewal before this episode aired. With all the crazy cancellations flying around, it would’ve been too nerve-wracking not knowing if there was going to be a continuation to this story. There were a lot of big characters M.I.A. in this finale such as Jayna […]


Bull’s in the Driver’s Seat… Even When He Isn’t… With “E.J.”

Self-driving cars have come a long way from the days of Knight Rider and are, in fact, rapidly nearing reality. Bull‘s New Year’s offering shines the spotlight (headlights?) on a legal quandary that will arise in that reality: Who is at fault when a driverless car causes a death?

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Stuart Bowman Talks Versailles

Here in the U.S., the first season of the historical drama, Versailles, winds down in grand fashion with the two-hour finale airing Saturday night on Ovation.