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Guest Star Goodness: Denise Crosby Talks Final Season of USA Network’s Suits

Actress Denise Crosby talks about guest starring in the final season of USA Network’s Suits, where she plays powerful attorney Faye Richardson.

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Two Takes: Suits “Bad Man”

Records. Relationships. And flashbacks galore. Last week’s Suits saw Harvey and Louis lose the battle when it came to protecting Jessica, but this week made it clear that the carnage was far from over when Jessica named her price to play scapegoat.


Two Takes: Suits “Donna”

As much as we want to start with the end of the latest Suits, we’re going to refrain for a minute and set this Two Takes up properly. Then we’ll get to that bit of cliffhanger goodness.


Two Takes: Suits “Shame”

After last week’s big drama-filled 100th episode, it came as no surprise that the team at Pearson Specter Litt would be dealing with some personal backlash.


Two Takes: Suits “100”

We’re not the only ones that can’t believe Suits celebrated its 100th episode, right? This is huge considering cable TV shows mostly have shorter seasons.


The 6 Biggest Moments from the Suits Season 7 Premiere “Skin in the Game”

I can’t believe season seven of Suits is here. The 100th episode is going to air later this season. Time has flown.


Suits Preview: “The Painting”

WARNING: Suits spoilers I don’t know about you Suits fans, but I’m still processing a couple of painful moments from last week’s mid-season premiere.


Suits Shocker: [Spoiler] Leaves Pearson Specter Litt For Good


Suits Season 5 Finale Preview: “25th Hour”

This is it. The fifth season of USA Network’s hit series Suits ends tonight. So what’s it going to be? Is Mike really going to take a deal to save his friends? He’ll go to prison as long as nothing happens to Harvey, Jessica or Louis? Will Harvey make it […]


Plot Twist: [SPOILER] Outed Mike Ross, Suits “Live to Fight”

WARNING: Major spoilers for the latest Suits (“Live to Fight”) There are a lot of intense shows out there in the TV realm. But Suits might be the one to give me an ulcer. I just don’t want ANYTHING to happen to these characters I’ve come to know over the […]