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Deadly Class Struggles to “Rise Above” as It Becomes an “I Against I” Battle

There’s a point in a freshman show where everything feels like a rush towards the final confrontation. It’s like cresting the first hill of a rollercoaster. Your stomach feels queasy and you suddenly realize that there’s a good chance this could all go horribly wrong. This week was definitely the […]


Deadly Class Salutes The Breakfast Club in “Mirror People”

In the aftermath of the events of “Snake Pit”, Chico, Marcus, Saya, Jayden, Viktor, and Petra are punished with a forty-eight hour (!) detention in the school library. There’s no way that it was an accident that the detention set-up strongly evoked the iconic scene from the film The Breakfast Club. Even […]


Deadly Class Competition Turns into a “Snake Pit”

The 1980s was the hey day of the high school dance drama and Deadly Class really uses the well-known setting to its max potential with King’s Dominion’s annual “Sleeping With the Fishes” Legacy-only dance. It comes in shades of Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink, Heathers, and even Carrie. The cliques come into play, especially as […]