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Con Reports: Star Trek, The X-Files and Project Blue Book at AlienCon 2018

Last weekend, a sci-fi-themed event called AlienCon invaded Pasadena, Calif. The convention fosters an accepting environment where science is King. Mysteries of the alien variety are discussed and dissected. Alien-themed TV shows and movies are celebrated. As are the actors who star in these popular projects.


Preview: 5 TV Fandoms that Need to Know about AlienCon 2018

This weekend, there may be some mysterious, unexplainable sightings in Pasadena, Calif. And it’s all because of an event called AlienCon. TV Goodness fills you in…


Lucifer is All About the “Lady Parts” This Week

Detective Decker is having a bad week. Husband Dan wants a divorce. The idea of single-parenting her daughter is freaking her out. She has to move out of her mother’s house into a ridiculously expensive Los Angeles real estate market on a cop’s salary. Her consultant is obsessed with his […]