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The Devil We Know: Lucifer’s Resurrection on Netflix and What Went Right

(Spoilers if you haven’t finished watching the Netflix season yet. So, if you haven’t, stop reading and GO WATCH IT.) Oh, they should know that the Devil’s a hard one to shake. When Fox cancelled the comic-book-sourced procedural in 2018, the outpouring of love from the fans was a wonderous […]


It’s an L.A. Fairy Tale in Lucifer Bonus “Once Upon a Time”

The origin of our favourite Devil lies in the pages of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series where Mike Carey then picked up the torch and fleshed out the adventures of the first fallen angel in the City of Angels. So casting Gaiman as dear old dad, aka God, in a re-imagining […]


It’s All About the Follow-Through In Lucifer Finale “A Devil of My Word”

Although last week’s cancellation news cast a bitter pall over the finale, it was nevertheless a powerful and exciting conclusion to the season with great potential if they are able to find a network saviour via the #SaveLucifer campaign. In the aftermath of Charlotte’s death and Amenadiel’s disappearance, everyone has […]


Lucifer’s Looking for the Old Normal in “Quintessential Deckerstar”

I’ve never been a fan of two-parters or cliffhangers but the Lucifer team manages a real feat with this penultimate season episode. It’s a solid return to form for a show that’s wobbled a bit this year. There are real emotional risks taken, a powerful double baddie bagging, and a satisfying […]


Lucifer Detects and Chloe Parties When It’s “All Hands on Decker”

Things move quickly in Lucifer-land these days. Chloe no sooner agrees to marry Pierce/Cain than they set a date for a mere three months which kicks Ella into high gear to throw the ultimate bachelorette party. The guests are working at cross-purposes though since Charlotte’s looking to break the engagement […]


Lucifer Makes the Wrong Proposal in “Anything Pierce Can Do I Can Do Better”

Pissing contests are rarely about the actual competition or even about the piss. It’s about the opponent. As Cain/Pierce’s most recent plan for ridding himself of immortality has involved winning Chloe’s affections, Lucifer has become more and more preoccupied with besting the world’s first murderer/past crime lord/present-day police lieutenant. And […]


Lucifer Makes No Bones About “The Angel of San Bernardino”

They say that which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. If that’s the case, as evidenced by this season’s exploration of Cain/Pierce’s situation, it means that humanity’s first murderer is freakin’ STRONG. Of course, Cain/Pierce is only interested in the first part of the adage and, in some still-mystifying plan, […]

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Two Takes: Suits “Bad Man”

Records. Relationships. And flashbacks galore. Last week’s Suits saw Harvey and Louis lose the battle when it came to protecting Jessica, but this week made it clear that the carnage was far from over when Jessica named her price to play scapegoat.


The Rift Widens in Lucifer’s “Orange is the New Maze”

As a fan, I have to believe there has to be purpose behind significant character changes on a show, especially on one as meticulously mapped out as Lucifer. Over the last half dozen episodes, the Maze storyline has run parallel, and secondary, to the major developments in the Caine/Pierce plot. […]


Pierce’s Memory Lane Takes Lucifer to “The Last Heartbreak”

The one thing we haven’t seen a lot of on a show full of immortals is costumed flashbacks. The only one that comes close is the origin story we got at New Year’s and that was only going back five years. But we did get to see Luci in a leisure […]