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Real Sports Preview: Young, Unarmed Black Men are Still Dying in “Tragedy in Texas”

 I, for one, am tired of hearing about young, unarmed black men being killed by cops. I’m not saying all cops are bad, because of course they’re not. But a disproportionately large group of black men are being shot and killed by law enforcement. So what can we do? […]

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POV Preview: Will Comfort Women Ever Receive “The Apology” They Seek and Deserve From Japan?

United Nations researchers report that between 1931 and 1945, the Japanese military forced an estimated 200,000 to 400,000 women and girls into institutionalized sexual slavery. Euphemistically referred to as “comfort women,” they typically ranged in age from 11 to 33 and were taken from Japanese colonies from Korea to Indonesia. […]

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HBO Documentary Preview: How Will Nigeria’s “Stolen Daughters” Recover and Heal from Their Time with Boko Haram?

In 2014, 276 Nigerian school girls were kidnapped from a school in Chibok, Northern Nigeria, and hidden in the vast Sambisa forest for three years by Boko Haram, a violent Islamic insurgent movement. Granted exclusive access to the 82 girls who were freed last year and taken to a secret […]

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Pursue Your Own Truth: Director Michael Del Monte and Star Janae Kroczaleski Talk “Transformer” [Exclusive]

Ever since Matt “Kroc” Kroczaleski could remember, he’d had two desires in life: to be a strong and to be a woman. Growing up as what he considered “white trash,” Matt overdid the macho thing so he wouldn’t have to deal with his vulnerabilities. When he joined the marines, it was a […]

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Shakespeare Uncovered Preview: “Measure for Measure” with Romola Garai and “Julius Caesar” with Brian Cox

I’ve always considered myself a fan of Shakespeare, but I have to admit that Shakespeare Uncovered allows me to geek out on a whole new level. I love that Shakespeare’s work is so enduring and as this series proves, there’s always a contemporary angle. Just because his original works were […]

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T-Pain Introduces Us to Up-and-Coming Millennial Entrepreneurs in T-Pain’s School of Business

We’ll admit it. The only reason we know who T-Pain is, is because we’ve heard of a little thing called Auto-Tune. Yes, we know he’s won a few Grammys. Yes, we know he’s been number 1 on Billboard. Yes, we know he’s an internationally known singer/songwriter, rapper and producer. And […]

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Investigation Discovery Preview: “Love & Hate Crime” Examines a Murder in Mississippi

When a group of white teens get into their cars and travel from their homes in the suburbs to a city with a majority black population just to mess with them, are they racist? The answer is always “yes.” In Love & Hate Crime: A Murder in Mississippi, Investigation Discovery takes […]

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Bob Marley Transforms from Showman to Shaman in Netflix’s ReMastered “Who Shot the Sheriff?”

The premiere: To say that watching “Who Shot the Sheriff?” was an education is a serious understatement. Not only did I get a vital history lesson on the internal and external political forces that shaped Jamaica in the ‘60s and ‘70s – and what caused the disenfranchisement and oppression of […]

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Director Kim Snyder Previews Her New Netflix Short Documentary “Lessons From A School Shooting”

So far this year over 380 people have died and over 1200 have been wounded in mass shootings in the US. Since the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary, there have been over 1600 mass shootings. Following director/producer Kim Snyder’s critically acclaimed documentary Newtown about the tragedy, she calls this film […]

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It’s Time For Ilhan: Director Norah Shapiro Previews Her Powerful New Documentary [Exclusive]

Political newcomer Ilhan Omar is the first person of Somali descent to be elected to a legislative office anywhere in the United States. Battling a 43 year incumbent and male challenger, also from the Somali-American community, Ilhan sets herself apart by demonstrating her enthusiasm and willingness to listen and learn from […]