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The Leftovers “The Most Powerful Man in the World (and His Identical Twin Brother)”

The final season of The Leftovers has worked to slowly disassemble everything we thought was true coming out of an unexpected, bright, and even hopeful, season two. The tonal change from the dark despair of season one’s Mapleton, NY to the golden gospel of season two’s Miracle, TX was drastic, […]


Aftermath Preview: “Now That We Talk of Dying”

WARNING: Spoilers for Aftermath The search for Moondog continues. Tonight is the penultimate episode of the first season of Syfy’s Aftermath.  Last week, the Copelands dealt with those obnoxious thugs that made things hard for Brianna. Although, Matt did make himself a new friend, one he saved from committing suicide. […]


Silicon Valley Preview: “Daily Active Users”

WARNING: Silicon Valley spoilers On HBO’s Silicon Valley, Erlich messed up royally. Turns out he never ever had to come clean with his story outing his poor decisions and his humiliation at having to sell his shares in Pied Piper to Lori Grimes for a mere 713,000. She screwed him royally.

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Sleepy Hollow Preview: The Cast Talks Final 2 Episodes of Season 3

There are only two episodes of Sleepy Hollow left in Season 3. It looks like a return to the Catacombs is imminent. The Hidden One continues to be the big bad. So much so it looks like a Team Witness-Pandora alliance continues. There’s also the Betsy Ross factor. How will […]

Five Ragnar and Athelstan Moments of Goodness from Vikings “The Choice”
Moment of Goodness

Five Ragnar and Athelstan Moments of Goodness from Vikings “The Choice”

In last night’s episode, Athelstan had a choice to make: stay with King Ecbert or return home with Ragnar and the rest of the Vikings. Before we talk about his decision, let’s break down all the Ragnar and Athelstan Moments of Goodness that happened in “The Choice”: