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Stranger Things: Inside the Upside Down Vulture Festival Quick Takes

We are pretty serious fans of Stranger Things here at TV Goodness. So when Vulture Festival announced that they were going to have a panel for the show, I knew I had to be in the audience. The crowd was mostly female and younger, which I loved. The volume they […]

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Vulture Festival Comes to LA

I’ve always heard great things about Vulture Festival — which usually takes place in New York — so I was excited to learn that Los Angeles is finally getting in on the action. Vulture Festival is an annual weekend pop-culture extravaganza presented by & New York Magazine, bringing together industry leaders […]


Relationship Recap: Russ and Jess’ Faded Friendship on FX’s Married

The Russ/Jess friendship on FX’s Married has often been painful to watch. I can see why these two worked once upon a time. They probably had so much fun together when they were younger. So much fun that I’ve often wondered if these two ever did the friends with benefit […]


Married Preview: “Guardians”

Warning: Married Spoilers FX’s Married tackles some realistic relationship struggles in tonight’s episode. Russ and Lina deal with the future and fading friendships. Abby has to figure out how to navigate AJ’s special brand of issues and idiosyncrasies.

Character Analysis: Married’s Jenny Slate Dissects Jess [INTERVIEW]
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Character Analysis: Married’s Jenny Slate Dissects Jess [INTERVIEW]

WARNING: Mild spoilers for FX’s Married On FX’s Married, Russ and Lina are the husband and wife at the heart of the series. But it’s their friends AJ and Jess that provide much of the show’s edge. Jess is a flawed, layered, unpredictable wild child that has a twisted perspective […]


Married Preview: “The Getaway” [PHOTOS and VIDEO]

WARNING: Mild spoilers for tonight’s Married I sincerely hope you guys are watching FX’s new comedy, Married. The ratings for the series premiere were good enough that the network sent out a press release (1.5 million total viewers tuned in to the pilot; 1.1. million of the people who watched […]