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The Walking Dead Preview: “Hounded” [VIDEO]

Gee, whiz, man. The past two episodes of The Walking Dead have been a killer — literally. We lost two dear characters (and possibly a third), and then, we have Rick (Andrew Lincoln) going completely off the deep end. But, the biggest question mark is that mysterious phone call. Just […]


The Walking Dead “Say The Word”

You remember the scene in season one when Merle (Michael Rooker) flew off the handle and Rick (Andrew Lincoln) had to handcuff him to the roof?  Well, I think someone in the group needed to do the same with Rick tonight because the guy has completely fallen off his rocker.  […]


The Walking Dead Preview: The Group’s Recovery & More Governor Creepiness in “Say The Word” [VIDEO]

Wow, how many of you are still reeling from last week’s episode of The Walking Dead? Well, I am. I fully expected there were going to be some deaths, but even with that knowledge, it still gets to you. So, what happens next? From some of the previews that have […]