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Dancing with the Stars “Season 25 Week 7” aka Halloween and Team Dances

A celebratory Rocky Horror Picture Show number kicked off this week’s Halloween fest on Dancing with the Stars. And it was time for team dances! Who went home? Let’s put it this way: it was a shocker.


Dancing with the Stars “Season 25 Week 6” aka Movie Night

Who doesn’t love a large scale Hollywood opening number? Well, that’s how ABC’s Dancing with the Stars kicked things off this week.


Dancing with the Stars “Season 25 Week 5” aka Disney Night

Doesn’t Disney just bring magic into your heart? Well if it doesn’t then you have no soul. Just saying.


Dancing with the Stars “Season 25 Week 4” a.k.a. “Most Memorable Year”

It’s time to take out the tissues and get ready for an emotional rollercoaster ride. Dancing with the Stars serves up its highly anticipated “Most Memorable Year” week.

Moment of Goodness

Dancing with the Stars “Season 25 Week 1” aka Premiere Week

In the first week of the 25th season of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, there were surprises and more than one frontrunner quickly materialized. The judges’ scoring was very inconsistent to what I was seeing on the dance floor. Another oddity: only one judge per performance could speak since there […]


Dancing with the Stars Season 25 Preview

It’s that time again! We are back in the ballroom, with a whole new crop of celebrities for Season 25. Fact 1: There is no Hough contingent this season. Julianne decided not to be a judge so this’ll be OG kind of season. We will have the original three: Carrie […]