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Moment of Goodness: Dean Becomes [SPOILER], Supernatural “Let the Good Times Roll”

The CW’s Supernatural ended its 13th season with Dean, once again, making a major transition. This time it wasn’t a dead Dean becoming Demon Dean like he did to close out season nine.


Relationship Recap: Survivor’s Remorse “Repercussions”

WARNING: Spoilers for Survivor’s Remorse On Survivor’s Remorse, Cam, Reg and M-Chuck are going through different journeys but it all has to do with a similar theme: their dads. Meanwhile, Cassie’s thinking a lot about her past and how different it is to what she’s experiencing in her present.

Pip Torrens Preacher Comic-Con Trailer
Moment of Goodness / Recaps

Preacher Moment of Goodness: The Introduction of Herr Starr in “Pig”

“Pig” may well be the slowest episode of the season so far in Preacher terms. Of course, if we can call getting shot in the chest, epic flashbacks, nightmares, and waking up in a morgue drawer slow. TThe change of pace offset the rip-roaring speed at which the season is […]

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Comic-Con 2017 Moment of Goodness: Kansas Performs at Supernatural Panel

Before the Comic-Con day affectionately known (to us) as Supernatural Sunday, our favorite SPN-related moment was Jared Padalecki’s keg stand on Conan.

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Comic-Con 2017 Moment of Goodness: HISTORY Gives Ragnar a Proper Vikings Funeral

The death of Ragnar during season four of Vikings wasn’t unexpected but it was a deeply emotional loss, which is a testament to how attached viewers are to the character. At this year’s Comic-Con, HISTORY decided to help the grieving process along by providing a proper Vikings funeral fit for the […]

Black Sails Season 4 Episode 9 Flint Silver
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Three Moments of Goodness from Black Sails “XXXVII”

This second to last episode of the series feels like the writers have wound up a spring loaded sling shot and are just a breath away from letting it loose. It is hard not to get swept up in the momentum of “XXXVII” as we trudge through dense jungle after […]

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Philip Stands His Ground in Eyewitness “Buffalo ’07”

The final moments of “Buffalo ’07,” the pilot episode of USA’s Eyewitness, are where the series turned for me. Like I said in my preview, the romance at the center was a complete unknown going in, but then as it unfolded in the course of the first hour, I held […]

Tom Brooke as Fiore Anatol Yusef as DeBlanc Preacher Finish The Song
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Preacher Moment of Goodness: DeBlanc and Fiore Shine in “Finish the Song”

Preacher‘s “Finish the Song” may very well have been the end of the road for one beloved character, but it’s just the beginning for a few others. This episode shows genuine character growth and opens up the lines of communication which allows everyone to throw caution to the wind. While […]

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5 Moments of Goodness from Preacher “South Will Rise Again”

“Pride goeth before destruction and a haughty spirit goeth before the fall.” Proverbs 16:18m KJV Jesse has gone all-in with this new power, but how much of the work is he actually doing because he believes it’s what God wants? Using something when you don’t fully understand how it works […]

Moment of Goodness / Recaps

3 Moments of Goodness from Game of Thrones “No One”

As season six of Game of Thrones heads into its closing episodes, it was only a matter of time before things came to a blow. While last week’s “The Broken Man” dealt with the bones of our story, in “No One,” we got to experience the flesh that fills Game […]