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Two Turtle Doves
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Nikki DeLoach Talks Two Turtle Doves, Authenticity, and Advocacy [Exclusive]

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.] Nikki DeLoach is back on Hallmark Channel tomorrow night with a new holiday movie that reunited her with Love to the Rescue co-stars Michael Rady and Michaela Russell and that film’s writer, Sarah Montana. Two Turtle Doves is a warm, touching film that acknowledges that the […]

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Previewing the Second Weekend of the 2019 Christmas Movie Season

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.] Happy Halloween! Just to keep you a little confused, the TV calendar is already on to Christmas, including a new premiere tonight after you’ve loaded up the neighborhood kids with candy. Here’s a look at the lineup from Hallmark Channel (HC), Hallmark Movies & Mysteries (HMM), […]

Love to the Rescue
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Nikki DeLoach Talks Love to the Rescue

Nikki DeLoach joined the Hallmark family in 2015 and here at TV Goodness, we’ve regularly covered her films and talked with her tribe of co-stars (Lisa Durupt, Andrew Walker, and Luke Macfarlane), so it only seemed fair to finally chat with her, too. Saturday night DeLoach returns to Hallmark Channel […]

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12 Days of Hallmark Holiday Favorites: Taylor Cole

Our 12 Days of Hallmark Holiday Favorites is winding down. My next-to-last pick: Taylor Cole.


There’s A Lot Going On When “Chloe Does Lucifer”

A typical one-hour serial procedural usually runs an A Plot and a B Plot. Sometimes, there’s a funny C plot or one that moves along a long arc story that’s building towards the season climax. That’s three stories to spin with appeal. Just three? Pfft… amateurs. Because the Lucifer writers […]

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Michael Nardelli Talks Hallmark Channel’s Christmas in Homestead

WARNING: mild spoilers Tis the season to watch Hallmark Channel. Every year Hallmark unloads a sleigh-full of family-friendly movies that serves to boost spirits and get everyone properly prepared for Santa’s arrival.


Two Takes: UnREAL “Casualty”

How do you react after you’ve experienced a trauma? For everyone it’s different. But on Lifetime’s UnREAL, when you have a history of instability, your bosses claim to care for you but are convincing you to bury it and you still have a job to do, the answer is probably […]


Two Takes: UnREAL “Treason”

Paralysis is no joke. It’s not something to mess with. Ever. Unless, of course, you’re on a hit reality TV show and then, as they say, the show must go on. And go on it does.


Two Takes: UnREAL “Guerilla”

One of the things both Rachel and Quinn specialize in on Lifetime’s UnREAL: head games. They know how to manipulate. They know how to position the girls against each other. They know how to make sure everybody before them bends to their wills including the Suitor, the behind-the-scenes crew, and […]


Two Takes: UnREAL “Insurgent”

Everlasting Spring Break Party or Soulmate Love Search — what over the top insanity do Everlasting viewers want more?! That was the question this week and now that Chet and Quinn are pitted against one another, it’s time for everyone to choose sides. Let the best man (or woman) win!