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Salute to Supernatural: Burbank Preview

On Friday, November 11, members of the SPN Family universe descend upon Burbank, CA for Creation Entertainment’s Salute to Supernatural convention.


TV Goodness Reports: Celebrate Supernatural Day!

Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2005. For many people out there, it’s just another day. For fans of the little series that could a.k.a. Supernatural, this day is everything.


Comic-Con 2016: Supernatural Season 12

Embed from Getty Images WARNING: SUPERNATURAL SPOILERS Another Supernatural Sunday at Comic-Con has come and gone. At the Hall H panel, there were a couple of surprise guests — Samantha Smith and Ruth Connell. And there was some fun casting news. There’s a new Lucifer in town and he’s going […]

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What Lucifer Said: Favorite quotes from Supernatural “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”

Supernatural episodes are almost always funny but thanks to the dialogue and a certain man speaking said dialogue, I laughed a lot during “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” You know, when I wasn’t busy fearing for Sam’s life or wondering what in the world was going on with Dean and […]

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Quick Takes: Ruth Connell Previews Supernatural Winter Finale and Raves about Jensen the Director

On the CW’s Supernatural, Rowena has been MIA for a while. Tonight she’s back in the show’s Winter Finale.

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Supernatural’s Mark Sheppard On Season 11, SPN Family and Jensen Ackles’ Directing and Driving Skills

Last week’s Supernatural was brutal for the King of Hell. Crowley made the decision to overlook his bromance with Dean and he paid the price. He tried to hurt his former “howl at the moon” pal, which didn’t sit well with Amara. After all, she and Dean share their own […]

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Supernatural: “Our Little World” Preview + Misha Collins Talks S11

Amara (in “Thin Lizzie”): “Bye, Dean. I’ll see you soon.”

Eight Things We Loved about Supernatural “Form and Void”

Eight Things We Loved about Supernatural “Form and Void”

“Form and Void” is an odd episode for me. I couldn’t figure out how I felt about it while it was going on. The action kept jumping from the hospital to Jenna’s house to wherever Cas was getting tortured. I don’t know if it was the pacing or the way […]

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A Sam and Dean Moment of Goodness from Supernatural “Brother’s Keeper”

Ten years. Ten finales. Such a huge deal. I’m proud of this show. OK, that’s enough reflection and sentiment. Let’s get to what went down in “Brother’s Keeper.”

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Supernatural Preview: “Brother’s Keeper”

Here we are at the tenth season finale. Over the years I’ve been more meh on the finales than impressed. My feelings with tonight’s episode are all over the place. I’m anxious/nervous/excited/cautious/guarded. Like I said in my tweet, these emotions are kind of natural when it comes to this show.