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Set Visit: Get Shorty Season 2 Preview

WARNING: Season 2 spoilers Get Shorty is back in (show) business, baby.


Lucifer Makes No Bones About “The Angel of San Bernardino”

They say that which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. If that’s the case, as evidenced by this season’s exploration of Cain/Pierce’s situation, it means that humanity’s first murderer is freakin’ STRONG. Of course, Cain/Pierce is only interested in the first part of the adage and, in some still-mystifying plan, […]


INTERVIEW: Megan Stevenson Talks the Epix Series Get Shorty

Embed from Getty Images WARNING: Get Shorty season one spoilers In 1995, Get Shorty opened in theaters and became another hit for John Travolta. The Pulp Fiction actor played a too-cool-for-school Miami mobster who heads to Los Angeles to collect a debt and ends up turning into a Hollywood mover […]