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On Deadly Class, Survival Depends on “Kids of the Black Hole”

We’ve been waiting so long for the final showdown with F-Face that I felt a bit cheated here, being left at the doorstep of that battle. The overwhelming theme of the episode was one of choice and consequence. Marcus, Master Lin, Saya, and Willie all make hard decisions which lead […]


Deadly Class Struggles to “Rise Above” as It Becomes an “I Against I” Battle

There’s a point in a freshman show where everything feels like a rush towards the final confrontation. It’s like cresting the first hill of a rollercoaster. Your stomach feels queasy and you suddenly realize that there’s a good chance this could all go horribly wrong. This week was definitely the […]


Deadly Class Prays a Hail Maria In “Stigmata Martyr”

Okay, I’ve been a bit slow (and I’m thoroughly embarrassed now) but I’ll admit that I only JUST realized that every episode of Deadly¬†Class has had a song title as its title. My bad. This was a hard follow-up to the psychedelic Vegas road show that was “Saudade” where Chester […]