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Quarry’s Mustafa Shakir and Damon Herriman Talk Character [Exclusive]

Last week, Mustafa Shakir‘s Moses made his first appearance. Although we didn’t know his name, it quickly became clear why he was ingratiating himself with Ruth. In this week’s “A Mouthful of Splinters,” we get a proper introduction to the man and his mission and I talk directly to the […]

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Pitch Series Premiere Preview

I was so excited when the official trailer for this series premiered because it was something new; it felt like something we’d genuinely never seen before. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t necessarily object to seeing another version of a show I already watch and love. But it’s really exciting […]

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The Good Place EPs and Cast Preview Their New NBC Series

Warning: Spoilers Ahead Have you ever wondered where you go after you die? Is there really a heaven or a hell? What’s it like in those places and what kind of people are there? What if there’s a royal screw up and someone not meant for eternal peace and happiness […]

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Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel Examines Sexism Faced by Female Sports Reporters and More [Preview]

Before 1975 the term “female sports reporter” may have been a bit of an oxymoron to some people. The first women permitted to enter a men’s locker room happened back in 1975 when New York Times reporter Robin Herman got the go-head to interview players after the NHL All-Star game […]

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Emmy-Nominated Production Designer Howard Cummings Talks The Knick [Exclusive]

The Knick is such a great TV show and I love that it’s getting the attention of Emmy voters. While I’m fully invested in following the stories of these characters, sometimes I have to look away from the action onscreen. If you’re a fan, you know how intense and realistic those […]

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Hard Knocks Preview: A Season of Firsts Featuring the L.A. Rams

HBO’s Hard Knocks is a series that ventures knee deep behind the scenes of any given NFL team from summer training camp through the pre-season.

Tuned In Exclusive: Emmy-Nominated Composer Chris Bacon Talks Bates Motel

Tuned In Exclusive: Emmy-Nominated Composer Chris Bacon Talks Bates Motel

We’re pretty serious fans of Bates Motel, so I jumped at the chance to talk to Emmy-nominated composer Chris Bacon. If you’re not a fan of the show (really?!) or aren’t very familiar with the score, do yourself a favor and take a listen right now.

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The EPs and Cast Preview NBC’s This Is Us

Warning: Spoilers Ahead The moment I saw the trailer for this show I was hooked and that was months ago. If you don’t know anything about This Is Us (and shame on you for that, really; it was an internet sensation), here’s what you should know before you watch: Sometimes […]

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The Get Down EPs Talk the Birth of Hip Hop and More

I’ve been hearing about The Get Down for a while now. Some of the news hasn’t been that great — serious cost overruns, multiple delays — but from what I’ve seen so far, this new Netflix series delivers. I mean, with any Baz Luhrmann creation we know we’re going to […]

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Summer 2016 TCAs: The Creator and Cast Talk Rectify’s Final Season

Embed from Getty Images I’ve been a huge Rectify fan since it debuted back in 2013. While it never really took off the ratings, the show has had a rabidly devoted fan base. While I came to the show wondering if Daniel Holden was guilty of the crime he’d spent […]