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Series Star Joanne Froggatt Previews Sundance TV’s Liar

Warning: Spoilers Ahead What if both the main characters in your story are unreliable narrators? Joanne Froggatt‘s Laura Nielson is a bright and dedicated teacher. Ioan Gruffudd‘s Andrew Earlham is a renowned surgeon whose son is a student at Laura’s school. After they go on a date, a series of […]


Downton Abbey Preview: “Season 6, Episode 6”

I can’t be the only one who was a bit horrified by the violent turn that dinner took last week. I mean, it seemed a tad dramatic — Robert spitting blood over Cora, himself, the table, the floor and everyone who tried to help him. But he’d been ignoring his […]


Downton Abbey: The End of an Era

Or “The Beginning of the End?” I have a lot of feelings about the end of this series, as I’m sure we all do. For the most part, I’ve really enjoyed getting to know the Crawley and their extended family which, of course, includes the servants. There have definitely been […]

Downton Abbey “Season 5, Episode 3”

Downton Abbey “Season 5, Episode 3”

I thought Charles Blake was truly out of the game when it came to the competition for Mary’s hand (and heart). The last time they saw each other, Blake warned Mary that Tony wasn’t clever enough for her. I’m not sure if Mary chose to discount that statement as vindictive […]