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Previewing City on a Hill

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.] Full disclosure right out of the gate, y’all. The casting on this series is straight up trolling me so I was already in on the basis of that, and then on top of it, I’m happy to tell you it’s very good. Imagine if Tom Fontana‘s […]

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Guest Star Goodness: Jill Hennessy’s Role Revealed on CBS’ Bull

I have to admit something. I was a bit skeptical about last week’s episode of CBS’ Bull. So it took me a while to watch it. It was called “Jury Duty” and one of the storylines featured Dr. Jason Bull actually serving jury duty. I just didn’t see how any […]

TV Movie Goodness Preview: UP TV’s If I Had Wings [VIDEO and PHOTOS]
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TV Movie Goodness Preview: UP TV’s If I Had Wings [VIDEO and PHOTOS]

Continuum and The 100‘s Richard Harmon switches gears tonight for UP Television in If I Had Wings, a family film about overcoming high school adversity.


Luck Set Visit (VIDEO)

A SET VISIT TO HBO’S LUCK: In just one week, HBO premieres its new series called Luck, a sports gambling drama starring Oscar winner Dustin Hoffman. When the premium cable channel recently aired a sneak preview, it garnered great buzz and reviews. According to an HBO press release: “LUCK is […]