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Site Unseen An Emma Fielding Mystery Preview

[Warning: General spoilers ahead]. Courtney Thorne-Smith and James Tupper make their first appearance on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries  alongside When Calls the Heart‘s Martin Cummins Sunday night in Site Unseen An Emma Fielding Mystery, the kickoff film in a potential new franchise for the network based on the novels by […]

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Quick Takes: HBO Releases Big Little Lies Key Art

One week after HBO rolls out the season six premiere of Girls, a new series with a powerhouse lineup premieres: Big Little Lies. The premium channel released key art for Big Little Lies today.


A righteous sacrifice, Aftermath “Whisper of Immortality”

Shapeshifters and Spiritual Stones and String Theory, oh my. Oh and wormholes. Can’t forget the massive wormholes.


Aftermath Finale Preview: “Whispers of Immortality”

WARNING: Mild spoilers for the Aftermath season finale The season finale of Aftermath airs tonight on Syfy.


Aftermath Preview: “Now That We Talk of Dying”

WARNING: Spoilers for Aftermath The search for Moondog continues. Tonight is the penultimate episode of the first season of Syfy’s Aftermath.  Last week, the Copelands dealt with those obnoxious thugs that made things hard for Brianna. Although, Matt did make himself a new friend, one he saved from committing suicide. […]


Aftermath Preview: “Where the Dead Men Lost their Bones”

Last week, I tweeted that the Aftermath episode, “Hieronymo’s Mad Again,” was “creepy and insane.”

Aftermath Preview: “Hieronymo’s Mad Againe”

Aftermath Preview: “Hieronymo’s Mad Againe”

WARNING: Mild spoilers On last week’s Aftermath, the family drama was cranked up to high thanks to a visit with dear old psycho grandpa and a rift between the twins.


Aftermath Preview: “The Barbarous King”

Tonight’s Aftermath is more quiet than the last couple of episodes. But that’s only because the Copelands no longer have to contend with a destructive volcano. Or prehistoric birds…for the moment. However, don’t be fooled. There’s still a lot that happens in “The Barbarous King.” Not all of it bad. […]


Aftermath Preview: “Here is No Water But Only Rock”

WARNING: Mild spoilers for Aftermath At the end of last week’s Aftermath, Mount Rainier was no longer a threat. It was a full on disaster. The force of nature stopped rumbling and exploded all over the world burying Karen under a serious amount of rubble.


Aftermath Preview: “What the Thunder Said”

The action is getting crazier and more emotional for the Copeland family of Syfy’s Aftermath. During last week’s episode, the group said their final goodbyes to Karen’s sister, Sally. Karen’s mindset was a bit…unclear. She seemed mostly okay. A little too okay. Then Brianna’s “pioneer village” boyfriend turned skin walker offed […]