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Deadly Class Finale “Sink With California” Long on Fights and Short on Answers

Well, that was probably the bleakest finale I’ve seen in a long time. I have to admit my standard for finales is high for quality but, honestly, you don’t have to tick a LOT of boxes for it to be passably satisfying. Primarily, it kind of needs to bring something […]


On Deadly Class, Survival Depends on “Kids of the Black Hole”

We’ve been waiting so long for the final showdown with F-Face that I felt a bit cheated here, being left at the doorstep of that battle. The overwhelming theme of the episode was one of choice and consequence. Marcus, Master Lin, Saya, and Willie all make hard decisions which lead […]


Deadly Class Raises the Stakes as “The Clampdown” Starts

Much of the beauty of the writing of Deadly Class is in the innovative use of old tropes. They’ve done the Roadtrip, the House Party, and whatever you want to call the Breakfast Club detention one. Each time, there’s been a little (or not so little twist) on the trope. […]


Deadly Class Struggles to “Rise Above” as It Becomes an “I Against I” Battle

There’s a point in a freshman show where everything feels like a rush towards the final confrontation. It’s like cresting the first hill of a rollercoaster. Your stomach feels queasy and you suddenly realize that there’s a good chance this could all go horribly wrong. This week was definitely the […]


Deadly Class Competition Turns into a “Snake Pit”

The 1980s was the hey day of the high school dance drama and Deadly Class really uses the well-known setting to its max potential with King’s Dominion’s annual “Sleeping With the Fishes” Legacy-only dance. It comes in shades of Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink, Heathers, and even Carrie. The cliques come into play, especially as […]


Deadly Class Proves It’s More Than Just “Noise, Noise, Noise”

Where “Reagan Youth” might’ve left your head spinning with the rapid introduction of characters and cliques, “Noise, Noise, Noise” delves into the relationships and personal plot-lines of the core cast. The episode opens on the morning after Marcus does Willie’s hobo homework and the aftermath isn’t pretty. He doesn’t sleep, […]


Deadly Class Preview: Hogwarts, This Ain’t

Ahead of its January 16th premiere, Syfy dropped the pilot episode of its newest graphic novel adaptation on December 20th, aired it on December 30th, and has left it available for streaming. But, still, I guess I should still mention: WARNING: SOME MINOR SPOILERS. Focused on Marcus Lopez Arguello (Benjamin […]