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Ruth Negga Preacher The End of the Road Season 2 finale

Preacher’s Full of New Beginnings in Season 2 Finale “The End of the Road”

Season 2 began with the promise of the grand road trip to find God that comic fans had been hoping for. There was shenanigans, explosions, stylized violence, and one liners to boot. The beginning of the second season was as perfectly “Preacher” as it could get. After some pretty poor […]

Dominic Cooper Pip Torrens Preacher season 2 finale End of the Road

Preacher Season 2 Finale Preview: “The End of the Road”

Questions are answered, new adventures take shape, and not everyone is positioned to make it to a potential third season. The season 2 finale is not as dramatic as a methane explosion that levels a whole town, but there is something that is sure to garner a visceral reaction from […]

Dominic Cooper Joseph Gilgun Ruth Negga Preacher On Your Knees

Preacher Opens New Doors with “On Your Knees”

Jesse is at his wit’s end after finding God in “Backdoors.” After a whole season of searching for the Almighty, he is conflicted about everything that he’s learned from Herr Starr. With a Messiah who is unfit to serve, and that’s putting it mildly, Jesse is turning over Starr’s proposal […]

Dominic Cooper Preacher Backdoors

Preacher Preview: “Backdoors”

Secrets don’t stay hidden for long as Jesse is forced to come clean about not sending the Saint to hell. Cassidy and especially Tulip are upset that Jesse lied to them, but are willing to forgive him provided they can finally get out of town. But Jesse and The Grail […]

Dominic Cooper Joseph Gilgun Preacher Holes Season 2 Episode 8

Preacher Gets Stuck in the Doldrums in “Holes”

Preacher dives back into hell with “Holes” and shows us what we’ve missed with Eugene and the gang over the past couple of episodes. Tulip accidentally makes contact with The Grail; Cassidy shares some deeply emotional moments with Denis; and Jesse continues spinning his wheels in his stagnant search for […]

Prisoners Hell Preacher Holes Season 2 Episode 8

Preacher Preview: “Holes”

Everyone is down in the doldrums in “Holes.” Much of the episode is spent in Hell getting a better lay of the land and finally getting more information on some of the other inhabitants we’ve met. Preacher also digs into the severely broken relationship between Cassidy and Dennis as the […]

Dominic Cooper Comic-Con Trailer Preacher

Comic-Con 2017: Preacher Kicks It Up A Notch in New Season 2 Trailer

If you thought Preacher was crazy before, wait until the second half of season 2 begins. Fresh off a Comic-Con debut, the trailer for the rest of this season has got even more action and debauchery than the first half. Fans were introduced to some of the major players in […]

Ruth Negga Viktor Preacher Season 2 Episode 4

Preacher Preview: “Viktor”

The search for God intensifies as a big lead lands in Cassidy and Jesse’s lap. But as Jesse tries to make the connection between the men in white suits and the new information, Tulip is knee deep in her own heap of trouble. Unable to outrun her sordid past, Viktor […]

Jesse Custer DeBlanc Fiore Genesis Preacher AMC El Valero
Recaps / What They Said

What They Said: Top 3 Quotable Moments from Preacher “El Valero”

Both Quincannon and Jesse refuse to give up on what they each think is rightfully theirs. While Jesse is struggling to face the consequences of his actions, Quincannon has laid his past demons to rest and is hellbent on moving forward and putting Annville on the map again. Despite a […]

Jackie Earle Haley as Odin Quincannon

Preacher Preview: “El Valero”

Jesse’s backed himself into a corner after the events of the previous two episodes. The stress and guilt has tipped him over the edge as that oversized ego has been deflated quite significantly. Preacher revs it up again with “El Valero,” giving the audience another gore filled and revealing episode […]