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Tamsen McDonough Talks Killjoys Season 5

Friday’s Killjoys was a standout episode for Lucy and Tamsen McDonough, who voices her and returned once again onscreen. I sat down with McDonough last August during the press day set visit. At the time, we didn’t know yet that Lucy would sacrifice herself, so we didn’t get into that, […]

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Tamsen McDonough Talks Bringing Lucy to Life on Killjoys [Exclusive]

Killjoys has flipped the script on so many sci-fi staples in its short two seasons (bring on a third!) and one of the most lovely, warm surprises is Dutch’s ship, Lucy, voiced by Tamsen McDonough. She’s smart, funny, sassy, serious, and non-corporeal, sans one brief flicker as a fembot in […]


Killjoys Preview: “I Love Lucy”

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.] This week’s Killjoys is the episode I was on set for, and it’s fun to see it all come together after peeking behind the curtain. Disclaimer: We weren’t on hand for any of the scenes where folks are not dressed, so I have no scoop for […]