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Game of Thrones Preview: “Beyond the Wall”

As we all know, Game of Thrones likes to go big in the penultimate episode of each season. Judging by the trailer for “Beyond the Wall,” this season is no different. And the message has been telegraphed loud and clear: Winter is here. We closed last week’s episode with Jon […]


Game of Thrones “Eastwatch”

Between the dragon battles and the speechifying that sometimes take up large parts of Game of Thrones, “Eastwatch” set out to remind us that this show is actually about connections. Especially between siblings, sometimes between strangers, and in a world obsessed with heirs, even between fathers and sons. And so […]


Game of Thrones Preview: “Eastwatch”

Riding high after last week’s fiery triumph over the Lannisters, Daenerys is moving full steam ahead in her quest for the Iron Throne in this week’s episode of Game of Thrones, “Eastwatch.” In the trailer for this episode, we see Daenerys addressing the surviving Lannister soldiers, requesting that they either bend […]

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VICE Preview: North Korea’s “Show of Force” and the Diaspora’s “Return to Somalia”

Ep. 75 Preview With the war of words currently raging between Trump and Kim Jong-un, it looks like North Korea’s show of force during the Day of the Sun celebrations back in April is leading to a military confrontation. Is North Korea capable of launching an ICBM that can threaten […]


Game of Thrones “The Spoils of War”

Now that was a battle scene. We knew Daenerys was approaching her breaking point. Cersei has been pushing and pushing, and Daenerys has been itching to actually fight; much to Tyrion’s chagrin. But we’ve all known Dany’s a ruler of the people. She prefers to be hands on. So it […]


Game of Thrones “The Queen’s Justice”

At the end of last season, and even throughout this season’s premiere, it seemed Daenerys had all the means to stroll in and take the Iron Throne without much difficulty. It seemed like good had a chance to triumph over evil, and swiftly with the support of the masses. Of […]


Game of Thrones Preview: “The Queen’s Justice”

After last week’s Game of Thrones episode closing on Euron’s sneak attack that wiped out a big portion of Daenerys’s fleet, “The Queen’s Justice” is going to be about the fallout. Cersei will certainly be pleased, maybe receiving her “gift” of Ellaria Sand, who Cersei has a personal vendetta against for killing […]


Game of Thrones Preview: “Stormborn”

It looks like things are escalating and fast in this week’s episode of Game of Thrones. The trailer for “Stormborn” is action-packed and suggests that the discoveries from last week’s “Dragonstone” are already going to play a part in this week’s episode. And “Stormborn” is a shoutout to Daenerys’s nickname, […]


Game of Thrones “Dragonstone”

Historically, the season premieres of each season of Game of Thrones ends up a little thin. And by thin, I mean that bringing the audience up to speed on all of the storylines in this show is a daunting task, and the result is that these episodes can feel void of heft, […]


Three Things We Want to See in Game of Thrones Season 7

And we’re back! It’s been a long 12 months since the finale of season six of Game of Thrones aired. We ended last season with the nearly perfect “The Winds of Winter” (and we highly suggest reading the review of it as a refresher).