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Krypton’s Heroes Falter While “In Zod We Trust”

Obviously, different people deal with grief in different ways. In the aftermath of Lyta’s execution, Jayna, Dev, and Seg wander the Kandor alleys in shock. Eventually, Seg screams his agony and then siphons his energy into opposing Dru-Zod’s plans and trying to make Lyta’s death “matter”. Jayna sinks into a […]


Krypton Dreams of “A Better Yesterday”

Ho-ly crap, Batman. There’s a LOT to unpack at this mid-season point. At the same time, I can appreciate that this show still manages to surprise me. In the wake of Dru-Zod’s plan to wipe out the rebel ground forces with tainted oxygenators coming to fruition, the expectation would be […]


Almost Nothing Goes as Planned with Krypton’s “Close Danger”

Best-laid plans always have the potential to go wrong. When Seg’s involved, they’re almost guaranteed to go wrong. Conversely, Dru-Zod has shown that he’s a master planner, taking control of nearly every potential variable in his systematic subjugation of the planet. Not content with two planners, Krypton also has Jayna-Zod […]


Krypton Redefines the “Will to Power”

Philosophers tell us that the “will to power” is the concept wherein the driving force of humanity is to subjugate or overcome others. This is more than sheer force or strength, it is using that greater ability for creative purposes or motivations. The various plotlines of Krypton here are elegant […]


Krypton Has More Than One “Ghost in the Fire”

As predicted, having so many plotlines running on different planets makes for an overly busy episode. In the city of Kandor on Krypton, we have Lyta taking on the role of Primus, training and disciplining the military Sagitari. One of the cadets reminds her of Seg and at first, it […]


Krypton Season 2 Premiere is “Light Years From Home”

What a difference six months makes, eh? Well, not that much. Seg is still a dumb-ass and Adam is still pretty annoying. However, it has to be said that it’s gearing up to be an interesting season with plenty of possible plot-twists. First things first though. We start of in […]


Finale Puts Krypton on a Highway to “The Phantom Zone”

Thank Rao that Syfy announced Krypton’s renewal before this episode aired. With all the crazy cancellations flying around, it would’ve been too nerve-wracking not knowing if there was going to be a continuation to this story. There were a lot of big characters M.I.A. in this finale such as Jayna […]


Facing Annihilation, Krypton Holds Out “Hope”

I think the most interesting aspect of Krypton so far is the interpersonal dynamics and the implications therein. Beyond that, there are some AWESOME reveals in this penultimate episode. Right now, we have family ties being strained as Nyssa faces off against her father and Lyta finds herself caught between […]


There’s a Little Strange and a Lot to Vex in Krypton’s “Savage Day”

Heroism and Destiny are the themes to watch for as Krypton‘s first season winds towards its finale. In a cool little flashback twist, we find out where Adam Strange goes when the Zeta-Beam Device rips him out of sight. Instead of yoyo-ing him between present-day Earth and two hundred years […]


12 Monkeys Season 3 Binge Weekend Preview

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.] It’s a tricky thing to preview a whole season and not give anything away, but I’m game if you are. We’re a week out from the 12 Monkeys third season binge weekend–which is a fantastically mind-numbing, mind-blowing 10 hours of TV–and if you haven’t seen seasons […]