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Sneak Peek: Vanessa and Griffin deal with Trust Issues on ABC’s Time after Time

WARNING: Time after Time spoilers and spoiler clip On ABC’s Time after Time, H.G. Wells isn’t completely alone in this brave new, totally violent and utterly complicated world he’s found himself inhabiting.

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Time After Time Series Preview

“We all have our time machines, don’t we. Those that take us back are memories…and those that carry us forward, are dreams” – HG Wells Memories and dreams may be all we have in the real world, but when ABC’s Time After Time lands in your living room Sunday, the […]

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The Eight Most Brutal Moments from the UnREAL Season Finale, “Future”

Did you make it through the entire finale without hitting pause? I did. Although there were a million times I really wanted to stop the action for a moment because I couldn’t believe what the characters were putting each other through. So much manipulation went down in the Season 1 finale […]

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UnREAL Season 1 Finale Preview: “Future” [Exclusive]

Warning: Spoilers Bad news for fans of Lifetime’s UnREAL: it’s time for the season finale, which means hiatus time. The great news in this, however, is that the show will return for a second season. Rejoice.

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Moment of Heartbreak: Mary’s Downward Spiral, UnREAL “Fly”

That was a tough episode to watch, I’m not going to lie. I knew something bad was going to happen. I thought maybe Mary (Ashley Scott) was going to murder her abusive ex.


UnREAL Preview: “Relapse”

WARNING: UnREAL spoilers Now that Arielle’s Kebbel‘s Britney is gone, Everlasting — the fictional series at the heart of Lifetime’s UnREAL — needs a new villain. ASAP. Quinn demands it. So in the second episode of this look behind the scenes of a reality TV show, it’s all about finding […]


UnREAL Series Premiere Preview

WARNING: Spoilers for Lifetime’s UnREAL Lifetime’s UnREAL is a show we’ve been anticipating since the network introduced it at the Winter Press Tour back in January. The proof:

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Winter 2015 TCAs: Lifetime’s UnReal

This week, Lifetime introduced a new series to the reporters, bloggers and writers at the 2015 TCA Winter Press Tour. It’s called UnReal and it’s an intensely addictive drama that goes behind the scenes of a Bachelor-type reality TV series. It’s set to air this summer and after watching the pilot, […]