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Guest Star Goodness: Jill Hennessy’s Role Revealed on CBS’ Bull

I have to admit something. I was a bit skeptical about last week’s episode of CBS’ Bull. So it took me a while to watch it. It was called “Jury Duty” and one of the storylines featured Dr. Jason Bull actually serving jury duty. I just didn’t see how any […]


Season Premiere Status Update: CBS’ Bull

After an uneven second season of CBS’ Bull, one that ended with Jason lying on the steps of the courthouse alone and in pain and calling 911, the doctor of psychology and trial science is back. Let’s see what that means for him and the people who populate his office. […]


Bull is Both Giver and Gainer in “A Business of Favors”

Full disclosure: I’m not a lawyer and never had much interest in studying the law. However, I have watched a lot of courtroom television in my life probably starting with Night Court as a kid with my mother (she had a huge crush on John Larroquette) through pretty much every […]


Bull Looks for the Cognitively Agile in “Already Gone”

It’s nice to see that the show isn’t going to start shying away from controversial subjects in its second season. In “Already Gone” we witness high school student, Adam Harris (Sam Vartholomeos, Star Trek: Discovery), breaking his terminally ill girlfriend, Emily (Nell Verlaque) out of her hospital and then, after […]


Bull Loses His Polish in Season Premiere “School For Scandal”

The return of last year’s darling rookie show was met with some trepidation as new hands behind the scenes had been hard at work, re-framing much of what we’d come to know about our beloved T.A.C. team. Right off the bat, the tone of the show is decidedly different. Gone […]


Bull Stands With Benny in “How to Dodge a Bullet”

In every compelling series, there have to be a few really pivotal episodes that blow open the doors on our core characters’ motivations and vulnerabilities. We’ve had a few peeks behind the curtain on Bull and his team but it takes putting one of their own in a true position […]


Bull Waves the Red Flag in “Make Me”

This week’s offering starts with probably the most shocking murder act we’ve seen so far – a son taking a golf club to his father’s head in the middle of a driving range. Cut to Benny arriving for a client meeting, weaving through NYC traffic on what Bull terms “a […]


Bull Hates Lawyers at a Whole New Level in “Bring It On”

We have learned many things about our good doctor over this premiere season. He plays to win, can’t stand losing. He likes to play dress up and lives to fool with expectations. He’s usually hungry. But, most of all, he hates lawyers. So what is the triple-doctorated psychologist to do […]


In Bull, We Trust When Playing the “Name Game”

It’s the common nightmare of the modern world: the stock scam. The irresistible chance to invest in high-yield, fast returns. The tantalizing opportunity to own a home, a new car, maybe take a holiday. The horrifying reality of having it all disappear in seconds. Our good doctor returns to our Tuesday night […]


Texas Comes Calling and the Team Takes on a Sociopath in Bull “What’s Your Number?”

It seems to be a trend with Bull that he’ll take a case as much for the cause as for the client. The episode this week begins with a horrifying structural failure – a skybridge suspended by a series of cables fifty-nine storeys in the air, falling to earth killing […]