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Two Takes: UnREAL “Transference”

With almost three seasons under our belt, UnReal fans should know that when things seem too good to be true, it’s usually because they are. The drama on this show never stops and every lull only sets the characters up for a bigger fall. And this week was no exception.


Two Takes: UnREAL Season 3 Premiere, “Oath”

It’s been a year and a half since the last new episode of Lifetime’s UnREAL aired. Yes, the second season ended in August 2016. 2016! But here we are in 2018. 

Exclusive Q&A: Annie Ilonzeh Talks Empire, Person of Interest and Graceland
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Exclusive Q&A: Annie Ilonzeh Talks Empire, Person of Interest and Graceland

Embed from Getty Images WARNING: Spoilers for Empire and Person of Interest Actress Annie Ilonzeh has appeared in some of my favorite TV shows as of late. After roles on General Hospital, Charlie’s Angels and Arrow, she made a mark in a couple other series. On Person of Interest last […]

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Two Takes: Graceland Finale “No Old Tigers”

The Graceland finale started off with a Jakes voiceover and ended with Jakes gone from the house completely. Everything in between was painful, intense and emotional. Was “No Old Tigers” a satisfying season closer? It’s time for Cortney and Tina to unload one final Two Takes to end this third […]

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What they Said: Top 4 Quotable Moments from Graceland “Little Bo Bleep”

Shoot outs. Fake outs. And long-awaited revelations. “Little Bo Bleep” was a jam-packed episode that wrapped up some loose ends and totally frayed others.  It finally gave us one Sarkissian in jail and pulled back the curtain on Briggs’ master plan, but it also set up Jakes for a world […]

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Two Takes: Graceland “The Wires”

“It’s like one of those shows where you learn how the magicians do their trick. Once you see the wires, the magic is gone.” Graceland‘s Mike may be trying to figure out how Briggs can pull bunny rabbits out of his hat, make cards disappear and saw a woman in […]


Two Takes: Graceland “Master of Weak Ties”

Graceland‘s Paul Briggs has another addiction. It’s to lying and scheming and playing the ultimate puppet master. Our heads are spinning. His roommates’ heads are spinning. Right now no one knows which way is up. What’s Briggs’ endgame here? Is it simply getting Martun? How does he keep all his […]


Two Takes: Graceland “Hand of Glory”

Whenever a bad guy opens up and reveals something human about himself that makes you hate him a little less, odds are he’s about to meet his maker. And Graceland‘s “Hand Of Glory” was no exception. Toros kicked the bucket, but even with one less member of the Sarkissian clan […]


Two Takes: Graceland “Savior Complex”

Paul versus the Sarkissians is still on. Meanwhile, Mike is seriously off his game. A “dead” Charlie must rely on Amber and Jakes to nail Germaine. In other news…Gusti is the most awesome criminal to ever criminal. A lot went down on the latest Graceland. So let’s get right to […]


Two Takes: Graceland “Bon Voyage”

Talk about an intense, gut-wrenching episode. Graceland may have the lighthearted fun thing down to a T, but when it comes to emotions, they know how to deliver ten-fold. And “Bon Voyage” was one of those episodes. We saw a painful intervention, a heartbreaking breakdown and a loss that I’m sure […]